Monday, October 25, 2010


Nice things don't just come in Blue Boxes you know.

There is a new way of saying...
I Love You
I'm Sorry
Happy Birthday
or Just Because

It's not flowers, it's not candy, it's not jewelery (though it usually doesn't hurt either),  it's BeautyGram.

"Sending a BeautyGram is the sweetest way to simply and conveniently make her feel special. Women all over are talking about getting the "pink box" . This little packaged bundle will encompass the feel good factors and stimulate the senses with all the beauty must haves a woman deserves. The Beautygram experience begins with the first glance at the hot pink box which continues to radiate its glitz by its amazing tastes and smells, and finishes off with an amazing spa day experience. Let her indulge with the finest products that make her day!"

Sounds kind of cute in my opinion. These little packages start modestly at a cool $99 (Canadian) and work their way up effortlessly from there.

Hand Delivered in Style
Cute, isn't it! I'm not a Sex and the City OH MY GOD I LOVE SHOES AND PINK kind of girl but I like creative ideas. I like having as many different options for gift giving becasue it makes my life easy. This is one of those things. Kudo's to new ideas!
Pictures borrowed from the Life Styles section of the Calgary Herald.

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