Friday, October 29, 2010


Bob, I think it's carrots you smell. The cooked kind.

Fresh Baking, lumber stores, and freshly brewed coffee- good smells.

Bacon, Popcorn (especially the stale popcorn breath smell of movie theaters), Cigarette Smoke and Boiled Cabbage- not so good.

Even worse? Cooked Carrots. Oatmeal.

I can't stand the smell of either of those things. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the sweet undertone? Maybe it is a residual childhood memory that involved having the flu and those smell pushing my nausea over the edge. I can be walking through the office enjoying the smell of freshly brewed coffee and toast when all of the sudden I am stopped dead in my tracks by Oatmeal. Someone has cooked it and almost instantly my tummy turns. Ugh... I'd rather smell the sickly sweet synthetic Maple Syrup instant Oatmeal because it overpowers the original assaulter.

I don't have an issue with Oatmeal cookies or granola, it's just the cooked stuff. I don't have a problem with raw carrots or even eating cooked carrots (usually)- I just don't want to smell the stuff.

Am I alone in these aversions? What smells can you just NOT STAND? Please, do tell!


Yet said...

I like the sponge bob pic

amourissima said...

and the Sponge Bob picture likes you!