Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's sometimes better to be a bit too formal rather than a bit too casual, with anything.

"You have to remember there are two ways of saying 'you" in French: the plural and more formal 'vous' and the singular, more casual 'tu'. Never use the 'tu' form with someone you don't know very well- it's a big faux pas and very disrespectful. It's easy to get mixed up, so I always play it safe and stick with 'vous,'even with people I've know for 20 years."

-Jennifer Carter, president of Herm├Ęs Canada

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Giulia said...

I wanted to say this to a young woman on Halloween evening. A friend & I were taking her son around the neighborhood. She asked us where we were from because she heard French. My friend said, France. (I'm not but my friend is French.)The girl wanted to practice which I thought was terrific. Then.

She said 'tu' about fifteen times. I cringed inwardly. She said she'd just started her French studies in September. I hope her teacher would be upset...we said nothing. It wasn't the time but I did bite my tongue.

Grrrr. (I am older than my friend but even she thought it was a bit much.)