Monday, January 31, 2011

Pepsi Throwback

Made with REAL sugar. Wow.

I love junk mail- not the kind that wants me to send $3,000.00 to release my long lost brother from an African Prison or the ones about, well... porn. I love the junk mail that is trying to sell me stuff. Give me stuff. Swoon me with stuff and teach me about stuff. I like to know that I can get THE BEST Portable Fire Escape if I ever needed one.

Today, as I went through my cluttered Shaw email account I noticed something about something called Pepsi Throwback. Sounded pretty lame so I had to open up the email and see:

Taste and Review Pepsi Throwback™!

The sound of a cola cracking open can transport you back to a time of school dances, first kisses and house parties. This season, Pepsi is giving Canadians a blast from the past with the introduction Pepsi Throwback™, a new retro-style soft drink available in stores across Canada for a limited time only.

With a distinctly retro look, Pepsi Throwback™ will ignite feelings of nostalgia in people who fondly remember the 1970s and 1980s from the “first time around”. Boasting extra caramel and vanilla notes, the drink will transport new and seasoned Pepsi drinkers to one of the most diverse eras of the last century.

For real? Don't get me wrong, I like Pepsi. I remember the first time I really had one, I was 24 and on a plane going to Mexico (some kind of special occasion I assume, I mean- why not order Pepsi... lets get the party started. Err..). I remember looking at it, golden bubbles sparkling in that little plastic cup- it literally tasted like the best thing ever. It was a little sweeter than Coke and prettier- I had a little mini love affair with it in that moment. Since then, I've had about 9 in the last 6 years. So, you could say it was more of a fling.

This news about the Pepsi throwback doesn't do a thing for me, I doubt I'd buy it or even think about it again. I'm curious though, why? I didn't even know that Pepsi changed their recipe from the 80's. The sound of a can being popped open doesn't remind me of anything other than house parties and I personally think of beer. Every time someone cracks open a soda in the office my first thought is to look at the time and calculate the chances that it actually is a beer and not a soda. Are there really that many people who miss the retro design or taste?

I'm not trying to sound facetious, I'm just curious- do any of you care? If you do, tell me your story. I'd love to know.

On Edit:
I do like the look of the new old logo.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don Felder: Part Deux

"Now this is a 'C' cord- that's really all you need to know. C and G"

I got my Birthday Wish! Granted... it wasn't that hard. I just had to buy the tickets. The harder part was finding someone to go with me which actually happened rather easily. Piece of (birthday) cake!

Interesting Fact:
He has been credited as being the man who taught a very young "Tommy" Petty (as he likes to call him) how to pick the strings on a guitar. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I'd die if I had a chance like that, heck... my ideal teacher would be Jimmy Page. Man oh man, Jimmy Page- teach me how to play The Rain Song.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Next, we will eat her heart!

Today, I think Zombies ate my brain. I'm slow, distracted and just monotone in thought. Actually, I think Zombies started to eat my brain on Sunday and they maybe have made some good head way by this morning. They gnaw every night on my delicate grey matter making it mushy and ... for lack of a better word (stupid zombies) lame.

I think they may have also eaten part of my digestive track too.

Oh! That reminds me!  Zombie T-Shirts:

That zombie has a treasure trail

Ask me about my Zombie Shirt from Deez Teez

Okay, I'm done now. Must do something... can't remember what.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confession: I Know My Skunk

"Ew. Something smells like Coffee, or pot... is that you?"

Sitting here at work the smell of something is wafting in through my office door. The funny thing is, I can't tell if it's coffee, pot or skunk. This happens to me a lot, when I'm walking down the street and I'll catch a whiff of something and it could indeed be any one of the three.
  • I don't drink coffee- I don't like the caffeine. the last cup of coffee I had was documented as a year ago. It was good but totally not my thing. I wish it were, it seems so cozy and romantic to spend a few lazy hours poured over a book or the paper at a local shop down the street. I have herbal tea instead. Or milk. Or just cookies.
  • Pot, I have even less experience with. All I've got for you on this one is I know people who smoke it and I watch the TV show Weeds.
  • Skunk, now that's something I know. Being an outdoorsy kind of girl who likes to take long walks with dogs, I've come across and been around a lot of skunks who have (to put it nicely) defended them selves. I can tell the difference between a baby and an adult just but the smell they let off. Lucky for me, I've never been the one sprayed but I've had to sit in the car with 4 smelly dogs for a few good hours on the way home from an encounter.

Considering my option, I'm pretty sure the smell I smell is coffee- the chances of a skunk getting loose at my work or someone smoking a joint down the hall are far less likely then someone brewing a fresh pot of coffee.

So that's me, what about you? Can you tell the difference? Are there any smells that you have a hard time trying to identify?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake Occasions

Which one would you eat first?

Sometimes, you come across something so amazing. No- so spectacular it takes your breath away and you spend the rest of your afternoon at work looking at the pictures.

That is what Cupcake Occasions was to me this afternoon. Seriously... just take a gander at their gallery of cupcake creations. Or even their Flickr page. Amazing, isn't it???

I can't get over it. Just looking at them has inspired me to the point of wanting to quit my job and become a fondant expert over night. From disgusting funny to simply elegant their designs are just show stopping.

The sad news (for me at least) is they are only available in the UK- in select areas. So, I plan when I get married to get married as close to Cupcake Occasions so I can have them make my cake. Just a thought and a good one at that.

Garden cupcakes

Flower Cupcake Box[1]


pizza cupcakes 3



Amazing... there is such talent out there in this world.

All pictures belong to and were borrowed with love from Cupcake Occasions' flickr page.

Hat Tip to Mr. C.W.  for bring this all to my attention by innocently sending me a picture of Muppet Cupcakes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love My Grapefruit Knife

It's grapefruit season right now. Yum. I love grapefruit. I can remember waking up when I was about 5 with my dad and having breakfast with him. We would always share a grapefruit. One half for me the other half for him. He always used that funny little bent knife in the drawer to cut the juicy sections out and away from the dividing membrane. Then, at the end, after I was done eating it, he would take the empty cavity and squeeze the remaining juice into a glass. That was the best part.

As I got older I stopped getting up with my Dad for breakfast and we stopped eating grapefruit. It's almost as though we forgot that it existed. The funny little bent knife would sit in the drawer only used if there was nothing else left to cut with.

Then when I moved out I started buying grapefruit again. It was a childhood memory that brought me back to this zippy fruit and I would spend too long trying to cut the sections out with a paring knife and a teaspoon. So, one day, I made a point and walked into Willaims-Sonoma with only one thing in my mind. A Grapefruit knife. I found it right away, piled with all the other handy and common kitchen tools like basters, brushes, and garlic presses. It was awesome, double sided. One side had that familiar bent, double serrated knife (used to hug the curve of the fruit as you separate it from the outer edge) and the other end had short, serrated twin blades about 2mm apart (used to separate the sides of each section from the dividing membrane.). It was simple, it had a protective case and it was perfect.

It was a dream the first time I used it. Like a hot knife to butter it sliced through the rubbery sections like nothing I ever experienced. It was so amazing that I started to carry it around with me for those times when I would order grapefruit while out. That ended quickly though because I soon got sick of Grapefruit. I still loved the knife. I've used it on all citrus fruits and anything that needs to be cut away from the outer edge in order to be consumed. At the beginning of the new year I started buying grapefruits again and remember about my knife. I pulled it out from the drawer and removed it protective sleeve. The twin blades glinted in the light as I took a second to examine it. I loved this knife. With a combination of good quality and simplicity it appeals to ever aspect of what I look for in a kitchen tool. As I cut into my grapefruit last night I thought to myself that this knife has to be one of my favorite purchases ever. Seriously. It's up there with a teal dress I bought in Montreal, a journal I bought one summer while staying on one of the Gulf Islands in BC and it trumps the purchase of my new couch.

My grapefruit knife. I love it. I'll have it forever. Plus, every time I look at it, it reminds me of my Dad and those special mornings we shared over a Grapefruit.
Isn't she lovely? Though, I only cut pink or red Grapefruit with mine.  

Notes on Grapefruit borrowed from Food Purist:

  • The grapefruit originates from South East Asia.

  • The grapefruit gets its name because it grows in grapelike clusters in Texas, Florida, Arizona and California.

  • There are two types of grapefruit: seedless & seeded. There are also two colors: white (which has more of a yellow flesh) and pink (yellow-pink to a ruby red). No matter what the variety, the grapefruit skin is yellow.

  • The season for grapefruit depends on where the grapefruits are growing. In Arizona and California, the peak season is January to June, but in Florida and Texas, the season is October to June. The United States also imports grapefruits from other countries in the off-season. So, you can find grapefruit all year long.

  • When choosing a grapefruit, choose one with a bright skin color, with no noticeable bruises. The grapefruit should be firm with a springy size. The heavier the grapefruit, the more juice contained within.

  • Although you can store your grapefruit on the counter, the best place for the grapefruit, is in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Here the grapefruit can stay fresh up to 2 weeks!
  • Grapefruits are a good source of Vitamin C, and the pink varieties have a lot of Vitamin A. They both contain Folic Acid and Calcium.Grapefruit Essential Oils are used in an alternative medicine therapy called aromatherapy. It is said that the fragrance is uplifting and the actual oil is claimed to be useful for acne, cellulite, digestion and fluid retention. For more information about essential oils, please contact your local naturopath, allopathic specialist or your holistic medicine specialist.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Cheek Balm

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow the moisture away...

Lets face it (literally), living in Canada,  winter can not be avoided (unless of course you are a snow bird and fly south for the winter). Depending on what part of the country you live in you might find yourself facing  -40°C wind chills, 8' snow drifts, or turbulent winter storms (some coming form the ocean, others just passing along the prairies). Some places it gets cold and stays cold till the great spring thaw, other places bounce between -20°C to +20°C in a matter of days, and then again... other places stay green all year long under a great gray cloud that doesn't lift for 4 months.

And all of these reeks havoc on our skin. Or at least my skin. I'm an outdoorsy kind of person. I walk to work every day- rain, shine, -40°c windchill, it usually doesn't bother me. I go hiking once a week and don't let Old Man Winter keep me away from exploring the hills and mountains. My skin however has a different idea. Yes, I use a winter moisturizer. Yes, I try to drink as much water as possible. Yes, I use a humidifier at home and at work but I still find myself with dry, flaky skin. It never seems to be enough. I've gone so far as to slather my body in baby oil twice a day and put chap stick on my face (the non-medicated kind).

Then I came across this -> Winter Cheek Balm. It's to-the-point protection for your skin. True, the packaging isn't sexy- so what. Sure, we can all have a little giggle over the name of the company, Green Beaver. However, in the end... this stuff works. It's Petrolatum and silicone free. Certified organic, vegan, gluten free, biodegradable and totally safe to use on babies and children.

Do your usual routine with your moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and whatever else. Do up your face in all the blush, bronzer and concealers. Then, smooth the balm over the sensitive areas- the tip of your nose, the apples of your cheeks, your chin, even your ears. Any place that you think needs to protection. Then go out and brave those nasty north winds and laugh in the face of Old Man Winter with his dry sense of humor.

Monday, January 17, 2011


It is interesting to me how another persons truth can really create awareness in our own lives. How one little thing that happens in one persons life can filter over and change the way you see things forever. Or shine a light in those deep dark hidden parts of your mind. Or your heart.

It's a good thing; though an uncomfortable thing.  Really... it's an honest thing. Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves.

...I'm sure I've said that before...

Blue Monday?

Your January travel plan, courtesy of Blue Monday marketing...

Feeling a little sad today? It might be a result of the following formula:

The model was broken down using six immediately identifiable factors; weather (W), debt (d), time since Christmas (T), time since failing our new year’s resolutions (Q), low motivational levels (M) and the feeling of a need to take action (Na).

The formula calculates that Monday January, 17th is the worst day of the year. Apparently - and I quote... "the Christmas glow has faded away, New Year’s resolutions have been broken, cold Winter weather has set in and credit card bills will be landing on doormats across the land – whilst the January pay-cheque is still some way away."

Well, excuse me for saying so but that is a mighty pessimistic assumption for the world. Don't you agree? I don't feel blue today, actually... I'm pretty chipper. The Christmas glow ended for me the day after Christmas and I packed up my stuff and put it away for next year the weekend after Little Christmas.

I haven't given up on my New Years resolutions because, well, I just don't (Exhibit A) and personally, I am offended that this little formula assumes that everyone else has pretty much already given in and given up on themselves. I could be wrong though, maybe by this time everyone has given up. Regardless, I disagree.

The cold winter weather setting in? This is Canada, I live in Calgary. The cold winter weather set in months ago so I totally forget what summer looks like. I don't remember warm and personally, the winter isn't that bad.

Credit Card bills- yes, I can see how this might be a bit of a downer for some people. I'm not going to go there because we all have different relationships with our credit. So thou shall not tread where other peoples credit experience exist.

I don't think this formal gives "us" enough credit. I do not take light to "Blue Feelings" but I think this whole thing is a little off balance. Just like all this Astrology hubbla that has gone viral last week all over Facebook- this doesn't change a thing either. We are still who we are and we all have our own individual thoughts, traits, experiences and ways of being in life. If you feel sad today, you feel sad today. I highly doubt it is a cookie cuter experience defined in the formula above and more about certain aspects and reactions to situations in your life (not to be taken lightly, of course). And if you don't feel sad today, that's fine too.

and finally, the rest of the story...

Truth be told, Blue Monday was pretty much created by a British travel company that wanted to encourage people to "get happy" by going on a holiday. Sky Travel reportedly offered some cash to any academic who would put his or her stamp on the idea that there’s a seasonal mood nadir. A fellow called Cliff Arnall, then a lecturer (and part-time one at that) at Cardiff University in Wales, threw in his hat, and well, the rest is very depressing indeed.

So what do you think?
Do you think there is some truth to Blue Monday?
Or do you find yourself a little skeptical?


Blue Monday- Wikipedia

Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Brat

I'm a biter

Today is my birthday and it kind of snuck up on me, unlike last year where I was thinking about it months before. This year, I didn't really start thinking about it till yesterday. Signs and graces of getting old(-er. Older) I suppose?

My friends and co-workers never let anything slip (even if my Mum always seems to forget) and so I was gifted with a giant box of doughnuts which I shared with my department after they took me to get my morning steamed milk. We sat in one of the boardrooms and talked about skiing (which I only have one crazy memory about), The People of Wal-Mart, dogs and the stomach flu (that truly was the highlight of the conversation). After we milked the event for what it was worth everyone went on their separate ways to begin work for the day. I went back to my office with the leftover box of doughnuts. There are about 8 left over, all different types. Crullers, Maple Glazed, Boston Cream, Chocolate Glazed, Berry Filled, Cinnamon Apple Fritter...

I'm having a naughty thought... a horrible selfish naughty thought that usually isn't like me at all. I want to take each doughnut and take a single bite out of each one, just to try them.

Who does that?

I do that I guess, but just on my birthday... and maybe at Christmas when no one is looking.

variety is the spice of life!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lentil Quinoa Veggy Stew

you try and make lentil's look good...

I'm not vegetarian but I eat like one. I'm picky about my meat and really only eat it when I'm out. I prefer things like Quail, Bison, Duck and Lamb. Beef and Chicken are pretty boring (I know, what a thing for an Albertan to say). It has to be done with flare and it has to be done right.

So at home, I cook mostly vegetarian meals and if I wish to add meat, that's fine. Not a big deal. One of my favorite easy go to dishes is a Lentil, Quinoa and Vegetable Stew. It can be made in a slow cooker but to be honest, I'm scared of my slow cooker and worry that it will start a fire while I'm at work. So I just use a pot and it's so quick and easy it's almost as though I didn't even cook it myself.

Blanche's Lentil Quinoa Veggy Stew
2 cloves of garlic- crushed
1/4 cup of finely chopped onions

1 cup of dried green lentils
1/4 cup of uncooked quinoa
1 cup of chopped carrots
1 cup of chopped celery
4 cups of chicken or veggie broth
1 cup of hot water
1 796 ml can of diced tomatoes- no salt
small handful of fresh Thyme (or 2 tsp of the dried stuff)
2 tsps approx of fresh ground black pepper.
Salt to taste

I throw a little olive oil in the bottom of a good sized stock pot, saute the garlic and the onions until tender. Then I toss the rest of the ingredients in, bring to boil and then let it simmer uncovered on med low for 30 minutes or until lentils are cooked- stirring every so often (more out of curiosity then purpose).

Once ready, serve. I always serve with a fresh loaf of crusty bread. My prefrence, if you live in Calgary go to Yann Haute Patisserie for thier bread (make sure you buy an extra loaf for the car ride home, otherwise you'll just have to go back and pick up another loaf)- so good. So very, very good. I slice up an nice soft, buttery cheese like Havarti and a little cold meat for those who wish. Makes for a great meal on a cold winters night.

Keeps well and tastes even better the next day.

My Birthday Wish

circa 1975

All I want for my birthday is 2 tickets to see Don Felder- though it isn't the same as seeing the Eagles live in concert, it's kind of the next best thing.

Sort of... even though his departure from the Eagles was really messy and I don't like messy. I like music and I can't deny his mad skills on a guitar.

So February 6th, 2011... I'd like to be sitting in the Jack Singer Concert Hall waiting with butterflies in my tummy..

One of these nights

One of these crazy old nights

Eagles - One of these nights Live
Uploaded by jade274. - See the latest featured music videos.

image borrowed with love from HERE

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nail Clipping

It's Monday Morning. It's snowing outside and I have just gotten back from getting my steamed milk. Everything is fine and dandy in my world until I hear that distinctive high pitched snap/clicky/ping noise (how else do you describe it?) of a nail clipper.

Someone is clipping their nails, at work, openly, in their office.

I Googled it and apparently more then just the one person in my office does it. That's just nasty... I admit, I have a file in my desk for those snaggy nails that run the risk of attacking my $40.00 stockings on their first wear. I don't find that disgusting though or annoying. I get the job done and no one is the wiser.

confession: I know my Dad clips his nails at work. Or he used too... It's because when I was little I used to clean the house for money and when I would clean my parents bathroom my Dad was neglectful ensuring that all nail clippings ended up in the trash. Finding it nasty, I started charging my Dad $1.00 per clipping. He soon moved his nail clipping to the office where the cleaners didn't charge him. But that's my Dad and he's allowed. He has immunity.

My Dad aside...Who does that? Do you? Is there a perpetrator in your office?

(PS: This was written Monday Morning but I got super busy at work and totally forgot about this. So I am now finishing it up and posting it on... Wednesday. It's still snowy but no longer Monday.)

Image borrowed with love from: Toothpaste For Dinner

Friday, January 7, 2011

Would a Cupcake by Any Other Name Still Taste As Sweet?

My morning routine when I am at work is to leave, first thing, and get a coffee with my co-worker Edith. Mind you, I don't drink coffee for the sheer fact that caffeine and I are not friends. I get steamed milk with a shot or two of flavor (usually vanilla) and chocolate shavings on top. But Edith gets coffee and I get a steamed milk and often a bagel or muffin. I like the routine and the early consumption of sweet, high fat stuff. Amazingly my tummy loves it too. Today, being Friday, the coffee place we go to was actually really sparse of baked goods. There were only whole wheat bagels (which aren't very good, I prefer their cheddar cheese bagels) and a few types of muffins I don't like (bran, banana raisin, molten chocolate fudge). So I decided to go without and grab something at one of the other places on the way back to work.

I picked out a bagel and then at the last moment, a chocolate muffin. Just plain old chocolate- no chips, no valley of molten chocolate syrup, no raisins. When I got back to my desk I demolished the bagel and worked my way into the muffin. I started picking at the slightly overdone crunchy edges along the muffin top with my mouth screaming with delight at the sweet cakieness of it.

Then it hit me. I wasn't eating a muffin- I was eating cake. Without icing (which I am totally okay with, I actually don't really like icing). Then I thought a little more on it and I realised that a chocolate muffin might just be a chocolate cupcake without icing. Or is it...

I know there is a difference between muffins and cupcakes, though the line these days is rather faded and pretty much non-existent.

Originally muffins were a type of quick bread often containing nuts, berries and other bits and pieces. They were a healthier alternative to the doughnuts and pastries that grace the counters of coffee shops and hardier.

Cupcakes are basically cake baked in a cup (mind blowing- who would of though) using a creaming method to ensure of lighter, fluffier texture. Plus, cupcakes often are vessels for icing- not always but often.

Side note: Cake is not defined by the fact that it is iced. Truly it is defined by it's method and texture. Think Angel Food cake as an example.

However, within the last little while our sweet and sugar obsessed society has fuzzed the once definable line between muffin and cake, basically making it interchangeable. You are lying to yourself (sorry, but it's true) if you think muffins are healthy. High in fat and sugar you may as well be eating a cupcake. I am sure that there are indeed healthy, ready to eat variety found at independent bakeries and coffee shops, most of the mass produced stuff is not.

If you want healthy, make your own. Control what's going into it and customize it to fit your needs. If you just want something tasty to eat go ahead and buy them from Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons or any of those easy to find shops.

My Chocolate "muffin" was good this morning, even if it did taste like cake. I usually have lemon cranberry which I am sure if just as un-muffin as the chocolate kind. I felt a little naughty eating cake so openly for breakfast (I usually do that the day after cake day in the privacy of my office) this morning but my tummy is non-the-wiser.

What are your thoughts on the whole muffin-cupcake-breakfast food thing?
What do you find to be the defining characteristic between the two?
Do you eat muffins in the morning? How about cake?

image borrowed from the wonderful Cake Spy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Right Down the Line...

You’ve been as constant as the Northern Star, the brightest light that shines

I have a thing about 70's music. The love songs, the rock songs... the achy haze of drug induced lyrics and gritty guitar.

I have handfuls of songs I could ramble off as being the perfect song to illustrate this attraction, dozen of artists that I swoon after wishing I had been alive during their hay day. There is one though, that stands out right now because of the news of his death. Gerry Rafferty...

I know this song inside and out. Somewhere in the back of my mind, maybe even my heart, it is associated with something. Perhaps a former lover or a moment in time when it was on repeat for weeks at a time- doesn't matter. This un-nameable memory resonates well with the song.

Gerry was an alcoholic and died from liver failure at the age of 63.

You know I need your love, you got that hold over me
As long as I got your love, you know that I’ll never leave
When I wanted you to share my life, I had no doubt in my mind
And it’s been you, woman, right down the line.

I know how much I lean on you, only you can see
The changes that I’ve been through have left their mark on me
You’ve been as constant as the Northern Star, the brightest light that shines
It’s been you, woman, right down the line.

I just wanna say this is my way
Of telling you everything I could never say before
Yeah this is my way of telling you that everyday I’m loving you (so much more)

‘Cause you believed in me through my darkest night
Put something better inside of me, you brought me into the light
Threw away all those crazy dreams, I put them all behind
And it was you, woman, right down the line.

I just wanna say this is my way
Of telling you everything I could never say before
Yeah this is my way of telling you that everyday I’m loving you (so much more)

If I should doubt myself, if I’m losing ground
I won’t turn to someone else, they’d only let me down
When I wanted you to share my life, I had no doubt in my mind
And it’s been you, woman, right down the line.

Drums: Henry Spinetti
Bass Guitar: Gary Taylor
Percussion: Glen Le Fleur
Piano/Organ: Tommy Eyre
Guitars: Hugh Burns
Steel Guitar: Brian Cole
Vocals: Gerry Rafferty

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: A Year In Retrospect

Welcome, 2011. With open arms I great you with warmth and excitement mixed with a slight tone of nostalgia for time passed.

2010 was a year of learning for me. Entering into it I was turning 30, a mental challenge all in it's self. The anxiety associated with the sudden realization that life was (and is) actually real and passing before my eyes was, well... scary. I am an adult now, a real adult and though there is always room for mistakes, I should know a bit better now. 

I started doing things, learning things and being things. I took control of life and made it work for me. I discovered for the first time that doing well in school had nothing to do with how "smart" I thought I was or wasn't- it had to do with hard work. Dedication and understanding priorities. I did well. This rule I discovered also applied to other areas of my life such as work. Regardless of the economy or any of that jazz that we see screaming at us from the front pages of news papers, my hard work paid off  and I was rewarded.

I joined a gym for the first time I then I quit the gym. I tried, it wasn't my thing. At least for now.

I took funk fusion dance classes and learned how to wack and Vogue instead.

I learned that death happens and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. It can't be controlled or predicted, it just happens. Yes, it doesn't make sense- at least it doesn't to me but I really don't want to spend my life thinking about it and trying to figure it out. And I really don't want to be scared of it.

Wholesome, whole wheat, home made pancakes are the perfect way to start the day. They really are.

My friends really stepped up this year, I am so grateful for all of them. There were times when I needed to turn to someone to hold my hand, walk me home or sometimes just sit and wait till the storm had passed. And they were there, without hesitation, judgment and with endless patience.

I took many steps out of my coveted comfort zone and learned to relax a little. A lot of it is just state of mind. 

I learnt that one person can't hold me back in life, that I can't sit around and wait for them to join me on the dance floor (metaphorically speaking). I also learnt to follow passions, no matter how old they are or how silly others may see them, the fire in my belly isn't silly and I need to follow it. 

So with that, I am set with what I want 2011 to expand into. 

Keep following my heart and that fire in my belly. Keep engaging my passions and going with it. 

Continue to seek out connections and maintain the ones that are important to me- to whatever degree that may be. 

Keep trying new things every month, I made a goal last year to try something new every month. It could be something as simple as taking a class or attending a seminar. Getting out there and being the most involved and interested person I can be is important to me. 

Work towards my decade goal of having a house and a family. I want that more than anything right now, I want a back yard to mow, a garden to weed, a front driveway to shovel in the winter. I want a family to share life with, even if it's just me, my partner and a couple of dogs. 

I want to travel this year. 3 trips. Plan them, book them and take them regardless of how insane work becomes. 

Maybe I'll even get a car? Maybe not. 

Spend time with family, I do that already but I want to keep doing it. It's important to me. 

2011 will bring change as does any year. Keep doing what I'm doing and make sure to always be extending myself even a little past my comfort zone.  Exciting and a little scary, I'm ready for it. I was born ready. 

So looking back on it, what was 2010 like for you? What do you think 2011 will bring? 

Happy New Year and Happy January!