Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Brat

I'm a biter

Today is my birthday and it kind of snuck up on me, unlike last year where I was thinking about it months before. This year, I didn't really start thinking about it till yesterday. Signs and graces of getting old(-er. Older) I suppose?

My friends and co-workers never let anything slip (even if my Mum always seems to forget) and so I was gifted with a giant box of doughnuts which I shared with my department after they took me to get my morning steamed milk. We sat in one of the boardrooms and talked about skiing (which I only have one crazy memory about), The People of Wal-Mart, dogs and the stomach flu (that truly was the highlight of the conversation). After we milked the event for what it was worth everyone went on their separate ways to begin work for the day. I went back to my office with the leftover box of doughnuts. There are about 8 left over, all different types. Crullers, Maple Glazed, Boston Cream, Chocolate Glazed, Berry Filled, Cinnamon Apple Fritter...

I'm having a naughty thought... a horrible selfish naughty thought that usually isn't like me at all. I want to take each doughnut and take a single bite out of each one, just to try them.

Who does that?

I do that I guess, but just on my birthday... and maybe at Christmas when no one is looking.

variety is the spice of life!!

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