Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake Occasions

Which one would you eat first?

Sometimes, you come across something so amazing. No- so spectacular it takes your breath away and you spend the rest of your afternoon at work looking at the pictures.

That is what Cupcake Occasions was to me this afternoon. Seriously... just take a gander at their gallery of cupcake creations. Or even their Flickr page. Amazing, isn't it???

I can't get over it. Just looking at them has inspired me to the point of wanting to quit my job and become a fondant expert over night. From disgusting funny to simply elegant their designs are just show stopping.

The sad news (for me at least) is they are only available in the UK- in select areas. So, I plan when I get married to get married as close to Cupcake Occasions so I can have them make my cake. Just a thought and a good one at that.

Garden cupcakes

Flower Cupcake Box[1]


pizza cupcakes 3



Amazing... there is such talent out there in this world.

All pictures belong to and were borrowed with love from Cupcake Occasions' flickr page.

Hat Tip to Mr. C.W.  for bring this all to my attention by innocently sending me a picture of Muppet Cupcakes.

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