Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nail Clipping

It's Monday Morning. It's snowing outside and I have just gotten back from getting my steamed milk. Everything is fine and dandy in my world until I hear that distinctive high pitched snap/clicky/ping noise (how else do you describe it?) of a nail clipper.

Someone is clipping their nails, at work, openly, in their office.

I Googled it and apparently more then just the one person in my office does it. That's just nasty... I admit, I have a file in my desk for those snaggy nails that run the risk of attacking my $40.00 stockings on their first wear. I don't find that disgusting though or annoying. I get the job done and no one is the wiser.

confession: I know my Dad clips his nails at work. Or he used too... It's because when I was little I used to clean the house for money and when I would clean my parents bathroom my Dad was neglectful ensuring that all nail clippings ended up in the trash. Finding it nasty, I started charging my Dad $1.00 per clipping. He soon moved his nail clipping to the office where the cleaners didn't charge him. But that's my Dad and he's allowed. He has immunity.

My Dad aside...Who does that? Do you? Is there a perpetrator in your office?

(PS: This was written Monday Morning but I got super busy at work and totally forgot about this. So I am now finishing it up and posting it on... Wednesday. It's still snowy but no longer Monday.)

Image borrowed with love from: Toothpaste For Dinner


Haley Sue said...

Oh my gosh someone else understands my pain!!! That is so disgusting when people do that in public places :( go home people clip your nails in your bathroom!

I have this weird thing about nail files...they give me the heeby jeebies so I can't use them but I use my nail clipper in the privacy of my own home and ALWAYS make sure they are in the trash.

amourissima said...

It's SO STRANGE to me! Yes, I totally get the nail file thing giving you the heeby jeebies... though it apparently doesn't bother me, I can totally understand how it would.