Monday, January 31, 2011

Pepsi Throwback

Made with REAL sugar. Wow.

I love junk mail- not the kind that wants me to send $3,000.00 to release my long lost brother from an African Prison or the ones about, well... porn. I love the junk mail that is trying to sell me stuff. Give me stuff. Swoon me with stuff and teach me about stuff. I like to know that I can get THE BEST Portable Fire Escape if I ever needed one.

Today, as I went through my cluttered Shaw email account I noticed something about something called Pepsi Throwback. Sounded pretty lame so I had to open up the email and see:

Taste and Review Pepsi Throwback™!

The sound of a cola cracking open can transport you back to a time of school dances, first kisses and house parties. This season, Pepsi is giving Canadians a blast from the past with the introduction Pepsi Throwback™, a new retro-style soft drink available in stores across Canada for a limited time only.

With a distinctly retro look, Pepsi Throwback™ will ignite feelings of nostalgia in people who fondly remember the 1970s and 1980s from the “first time around”. Boasting extra caramel and vanilla notes, the drink will transport new and seasoned Pepsi drinkers to one of the most diverse eras of the last century.

For real? Don't get me wrong, I like Pepsi. I remember the first time I really had one, I was 24 and on a plane going to Mexico (some kind of special occasion I assume, I mean- why not order Pepsi... lets get the party started. Err..). I remember looking at it, golden bubbles sparkling in that little plastic cup- it literally tasted like the best thing ever. It was a little sweeter than Coke and prettier- I had a little mini love affair with it in that moment. Since then, I've had about 9 in the last 6 years. So, you could say it was more of a fling.

This news about the Pepsi throwback doesn't do a thing for me, I doubt I'd buy it or even think about it again. I'm curious though, why? I didn't even know that Pepsi changed their recipe from the 80's. The sound of a can being popped open doesn't remind me of anything other than house parties and I personally think of beer. Every time someone cracks open a soda in the office my first thought is to look at the time and calculate the chances that it actually is a beer and not a soda. Are there really that many people who miss the retro design or taste?

I'm not trying to sound facetious, I'm just curious- do any of you care? If you do, tell me your story. I'd love to know.

On Edit:
I do like the look of the new old logo.

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