Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate School 101

Whatever you do, don't eat the wrappers. Unless it's a cupcake.

I kind of like chocolate. The good stuff. I like it mixed or included with other stuff. Recently though, I've been staying away from it. With my stomach issues I don't really think that chocolate is being that helpful. But I still like it, sometimes even love it. I miss it in my morning vanilla bean steamer. I've always thought that the caffeine in chocolate was what did me in because it's no lie that caffeine and I don't get along. Already being a spinning top of energy, putting extra in me just spins me out of control to a point of panic attacks and paranoia (and you think I'm exaggerating).

But as it turns out, it doesn't really have that much caffeine in it anyway. You would have to eat more than a dozen chocolate bars to get the same amount of caffeine from a cup of coffee? There are about 5 to 10 mg's of caffeine in one ounce of bitter chocolate, 5 mg's in milk chocolate and 10 mg's in a six-ounce cup of cocoa.

Other facts about Chocolate, in case you were interested:
  • Chocolate is actually a valuable energy source. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an adult human to walk 150 feet.
  • Chocolate has great health benefits. It helps with depression, high blood pressure, tumours and pre-menstrual syndrome.
  • Chocolate does not cause or aggravate acne. This is a myth.
  • One ounce of baking chocolate or cocoa contains 10% of the daily-recommended intake of iron.
  • Chocolate can be deadly for dogs. Chocolate contains an ingredient called "theobromine" which can be toxic to a dog's central nervous system and cardiac muscles.
  • People spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate.
  • The per capita consumption of chocolate indicates that each person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate per year.
  • Milk chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate. However, dark chocolate is especially popular with men.
  • In Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie "Psycho", chocolate syrup was used to indicate blood in the famous shower scene.
Do you like Chocolate or can you live without it? If there was a bag of Chocolate Chips sitting in front of you waiting to be consumed, could you resist?

Chocolate info borrowed with love from the Hotel Arts Group monthly email.


Rolley said...

ah hell yeah, i love chocolate, but can't eat a lot if it's too sweet... so yeah i love dark chocolate.

Actually, I bought these chocolates from Melbourne on my way home from a trip away (got em for Kez mostly), best chocolate I've ever had.. it was $40 just for 5 small blocks, each block though was from a single estate and type of cocoa variety.

There was a couple of blocks that she couldn't eat cuz they were too dark, i loved em. One was actually 100% cocoa (mexican criollo), no sugar or anything.. sooo rich and delicious!


amourissima said...

Mmmm... I prefer dark as well. Ones with less sugar. Mmmm

I like this conversation!