Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday: Gross Flyer Day

Every week has a new, meaty, cover girl.

Today is Gross Flyer Day; a big day in the Lunchroom at work. No one else really calls it Gross Flyer Day, they just call it Flyer Day. The Calgary Herald comes to our front reception desk busting at the seams with all the best flyers of the week. We pour over them at lunch, reading aloud the different descriptions and deals available. I however take the grocery store flyers and rave like a lunatic about all the raw meat on the cover of each one (there are three main ones, all which are offenders).

The worst is the ground whatever (beef, turkey, pork), it just always looks like a pile of worms and if (God forbid) the colors are off in from the printing process that sparks a whole new rant about how nasty yellowish or greenish meat looks. There is always raw meat on the cover (thank goodness, I already checked out the cover of Co-op's flyer today. They have a nice, esthetically clean picture of raw ribs being sliced by some fancy looking knives.) and there is always a center fold spread of more raw meat from chicken thighs to rump roast. All raw, all bloody and all seeming disgusting to me. Plus, as part of the fun. Reading out all the descriptions of the meat in a hill-billy accent does cause for some laugh till you cry fun. At least it does for me.

The boys in the lunchroom are so patient with me. They truly are.

Not all pictures of the meat look disgusting, some are actually rather attractive (for raw meat) with bright cool red tones and stark contrasting white in the marbling of a Tenderloin Steak or the playfully rosy pink hue of raw chicken breast. There is something to be said about a well thought out spread of raw meat.

So, on that awlward note, as a suggestion to the graphic artists creating these flyers, maybe try a little harder to get the colors right, at least. I mean, the girls in the beauty magazines get photoshopped and they look appealing before hand so why not use a little of that Photoshop magic on the raw stuff.

I'm just saying...

and that ladies and gentlemen is my rant about Gross Flyer Day.

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