Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wanted: Reckless

I'm ready to go down this street, are you?

I'm searching for Reckless. I have that usual burning in my tummy that I need to flip everything upside down and mash it all around. I need to jump off a cliff into some unknown waters and see if I really can get myself out of it. The only problem with that is... I can't swim. Literally and metaphorically speaking. That's never stopped me in the past. I've jumped off cliffs fully clothed into the depths of the cold pacific ocean, never really thinking about a way out. Never really that concerned that I couldn't swim. I've always made it out even at the risk of making hamburger meat out of my hands and knees.

So I sit here, restless and needing something intense to happen. I could just up and quit my job and move somewhere far away. I could plan a trip to some crazy country where I don't speak the language and where the food would upset my tummy immensely. I could buy an RV and become an urban gypsy, making the ocean my backyard.

I could do this all now; I could do this all alone. And with that thought I feel a tug on my heart and my tummy drops a little. Who wants to do that? Though it's not the end of the world there is just something to be said for sharing reckless, impulsive behavior and letting it inspire the life of both you and a partner.

So for now, I am looking for recklessness to do on my own because I crave an interesting life.

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