Monday, March 28, 2011

Troll Food

Pocky is now called Troll Food. I was stuck in the parking lot at Chinook on Saturday.. yes, all the way down in the elusive section of new P2 and I was in a traffic jam. JP (thankfully) had a package of baby cookies in the car and a box of Pocky. I ate the cookies and drew on the box of Pocky. It was awesome.

You know what else was awesome, people were honking like they do on TV when everyone is stuck in traffic. Calgary isn't a honking city really... and when there is a traffic jam or some other kind of traffic cluster, no one really honks. I'm happy to say that because the random honking that occurs when no one is moving doesn't make any sense... but, when you are stuck in a hot ungrounded parking unit at a really busy mall on a Saturday afternoon and all you can see are tail lights coming from every which direction, honking becomes entertainment.

Someone had to start it and I hope it was out of joy and not out of anger because as soon as someone started honking EVERYONE else waiting joined in, for fun. It became an awesome game of honking together. I was so delighted by this. So much that it was a Facebook status changer.

When things finally started moving everyone was distracted enough to give up on the honking game and just try to get the hell out of there. There are unspoken rules of the road when it comes to traffic cluster-ups. If you are in the big daddy line that is on the way out and everyone else is trying to get in, you let a car in. Just one. If everyone in the big daddy lane lets one car in, we can all be happy, well... there was this one car that didn't get that. It was red and the people were trolls. How did we know that they were trolls, well... they had their whole house packed into the back of their steamy car. I think they might have been living in their car and were basically the trolls of the parking lot. So, I drew on the box of Pocky that I was decorating that it was Troll Food and showed it to them, but they weren't looking because they knew they were being rude by not allowing us to come into the big daddy lane. Then, they cheated and totally skipped the line.. those Trolls were on a mission to get the hell out of that parking lot. Jerks.

So anyway, the next day I went for Sushi and got my own box of Troll Food which I forgot about in my purse. I've been eating it all day and kind of feel like a troll. It's awesome. Awesome Sauce.

I also have a headache. Totally unrelated.

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