Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome To Hell Week

Hell Day is when you show up to work in nothing but a ratty old slip when it's -30°C outside

Hell Week/ Day/ Month: A period in time when everything just goes through the shitter. Seriously. Gong Show meets Jersey Shore meets WCF meets The Office. Usually happens at work, at least it does for me. My life outside of work is magical and seems to be immune to Hell Week/Day/Month.

This week (today is Wednesday) I have so far cried twice at work; once on Monday and once on Tuesday (I blame that on sleep deprivation and a sinus cold). Today I have seen 4 out of the 6 people in my department break down in tears, 3 of which I was talking to at the time and consoled them with a bony hug and hair pat. Computer break downs, corrupt files, lost information, unbalanced reconciliations, Excel meltdown, lost connections, mystery spiders walking across my desk, broken thermostats, spontaneous popping balloons- it all happens now. During Hell Week.

The pants I'm wearing today are too big and my hair is staticy against my face. My eyes are heavy and tired and I want to pick at the calluses on my guitar playing hands

But even with all these frazzled nerves and mood swings, I still manage to make up songs as I work. I sing the numbers that I am balancing, the different divisions and the places where the Expats are working. I sing about how the employees should be on the health plan and how they are missing out on free money by not partaking in the RRSP plan and how some of the field employees have really really annoying wives. I sing about Hong's clicky fake nails on her keyboard and Lonnie's smoke breaks. I sing about how the one printer is a little bitch and only seems to work for me. I sing about my phone ringings and not answering it. I sing about the food I am eating and what I'm drinking. I also make up songs about how the VP of HR has girl sneezes and he's a boy.

How annoying of me! I mean seriously, I find the yogurt cup eater and the plastic bag wrestler annoying, someone is bound to find my simple little off tune songs annoying. Not to mention my constant self talk banter (Today I caught myself in the storage room saying "What am I doing here? Why do I feel drunk? Oooo Post-it Notes!"). Especially during Hell Week. I better watch my back!

Anyway, I really don't have time to write this, I just got an email that some stuff came in for me at reception so more work awaits for me. I love my job, I really do. But this week I don't like it. Maybe, I'm starting to out grow it or maybe I just need to hanker down and get the last 3 months of mess cleared off my desk. My mind has been a whirl of dreams so we will see where I am in 4 -6 months.

*deep breath* that was a good vent.

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