Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Accio New York

Stop fooling around Snape!

Okay, so a summoning charm to New York isn't really going to work and if it did, a lot of people would be very cross with me. It's just better to fly there and do my thing. My thing being... eating, shows, adventure, learning AND... (wait for it... wait for it...)

"Stroll into Hogwarts (OH MY GOD!), visit the Gryffindor common room and see Harry Potter's bed in the dormitory he shared with Ron Weasley (OH MY GOODNESS!!) in a new exhibition at Discovery Times Square.

The hundreds (HUNDREDS??) of artifacts, dozens of costumes, props and furniture from the film franchise used in "Harry Potter, The Exhibition" will transport fans of the boy wizard to the world where Harry, Hermione and Ron battle the evil Lord Voldemort (HELL YAAAA!!!).

Stretch out in Hagrid's oversized easy chair (OH PLEASE!!) in the hut he shares with his dog Fang before creeping into the Forbidden Forest inhabited by unicorns (UNICORNS!!), centaurs (CENTAURS!!) and Thestrals (I just don't want to see Argon, that HUGE spider and all it's spider friends, thank you).

Sit beneath the floating candles of the Great Hall, where the sorting ceremony, feasts and Yule Balls are held. (Can I PLEASE have some Butter Beer???)

Even those visitors not familiar with the J.K. Rowling books - a publishing phenomenon credited with introducing a new generation to reading - and the blockbuster film franchise based on them, are bound to be impressed by the artistry and detail of the more than 200 artifacts and props in the show.

"It's like your day at Hogwarts," (OH MY GOODNESS!!!) said Eddie Newquist, the chief creative officer for Las-Vegas based Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES).

"You feel like you stepped into the movie."

The exhibition, which was years in the making and includes items from the final film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" which is to be released in July, is in New York until September 5, the final stop on its U.S. tour before moving overseas.

"We wanted to give fans something they have never seen before," said Newquist. "There is no better way to celebrate the imagination and creativity of the Harry Potter film series than to actually walk among the iconic costume and props that helped bring the world of the film to life."

Divided into several sections, the 14,000 sq ft (1,301 sq metre) exhibit covers all aspects of Harry's magical world and his adventures with Ron and Hermione.

The portrait gallery where the painting of The Fat Lady guards the entrance to the Gryffindor common room is recreated and the contents of Harry's trunk - his glasses, family photo album and acceptance letter to Hogwarts - are displayed.

Interactive displays in the Herbology class and in the section on Quidditch, the most popular wizard sport, also enable visitors to feel part of Harry's world.

"It is all real. They are all the things used on the sets," Newquist said. (It all REAL?? OH MY GOODNESS!!!)
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OH MY GOODNESS! I had expressed at an earlier date how much I just LOVE Harry Potter (Oh my GOD! Harry Potter!!!) and well, I mean... I've been meaning to take a trip to New York this year and this exhibit is on until September (lots of time for me to get my butt down there) and well... maybe I just need to make a point of going. And while I'm there, why not take a little flight to Florida and take in Harry Potter Land as well ( I really really want to be outfitted with my own wand. Really, I do).

So yes, this is all very exciting to me. Though I admit, I wouldn't fly to New York just to see this... I mean, there is so much more to that city that I wouldn't even be heart broken if I didn't get to see this (okay, a little heart broken) but it's an awesome motivator to me. Go on a nice week day when all the kids are in school so I can just chill and play my little Wizarding Games.


Okay, I am done. I will not return to the adult muggle I was born (okay, I wasn't born an adult but you get what I am saying) and stop getting over excited over Harry Potter (OH MY GOD!! HARRY POTTER!!!).


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