Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christmas with Steve

DYI: Steve Style

I once had a roommate named Steve, he was fantastic and I was sad the day he moved out. Sure, his furniture wasn't my style and he never ate the food I cooked. But we were good friends and those were good times.

Our first Christmas together was interesting. He asked me if I wanted a Christmas Tree and I said No. What's the point? We have nothing and we weren't allowed real ones in the condo (fire hazard) and I just didn't think we had room to store a fake one. Plus, we had to buy ornaments and there was a big computer desk taking up the whole front room. I just wasn't in to it.

One day (maybe a Sunday??), I was playing one of my computer games (which, I must add I had been playing for the whole day) and Steve came home. I noticed him walk in the door, I said "Hi" and just kept playing. He had bags of stuff, I think he had gone to Zellers and bought a bunch of cereal for the Mustard Seed (Steve had a charity at the time called Zombie Squad and he would do all kinds of wonderful, good karma things). I remember Steve moving about and doing stuff but that was about all I noticed until about 4 hours later when I lifted my eyes from the computer screen and noticed...

A Christmas tree had been set up and decorated in the front room. The same room that I was in playing my computer game. It's not that I couldn't see, of course I could see. I was just really into my game. I yelped at Steve but I guess he had also left for the night (This is why I need to be careful with how much computer game playing I do, I could loose a whole weekend and not even notice). Upon further inspection I noticed that it had been decorated with those little Winnie the Pooh cellphone charms that you get from the dispensers that are always sitting at the doorways of any department store. The star was Kane's mask from one of Steve's WWE toys. Or maybe it was Demolition's.. I don't remember because I use to change all their clothes around so it's all one big cross dressing mess in my mind now. I think there may have even have been a set of ear phones draped across the tree as garland.

CORRECTION: They were Ear Plugs and he also put a Count bookmark on the tree. But that was a the year after. See picture. One was never taken from the first year.

It was funny and so tacky but I loved that he did that even though I said "No Christmas Tree". A few days later when I was working on wrapping my Christmas Presents (it's an all day event that includes a glue gun and all kinds of bits) and took what I had left over and decorated the tree properly. Leaving the Winnie the Pooh ornaments in place I added colored balls, glittery stars and beaded garland making it actually look like a Christmas tree.

We put all our presents around it (Steve went to Kelowna for Christmas, I went to my parents) and I made sure my Menorah was close by (yes, I light one every year- and it's not because I am Jewish). The following year was much the same. I came home from work one day to find that fake Christmas tree set up in the front room in all it's delight (see picture) letting me know that Steve wanted to set up Christmas. I'd take it all apart and decorate it my way and start putting presents under.

This year I didn't bother with a tree, I made Steve take the tree with him when he left and I have all the Winnie the Pooh cell phone charms handing on my wall at work. I'll do the tree thing later, when I have a place that I am sharing with someone. Maybe it will be a mini tree or a real tree or a fake tree or one I have made out of hangyballs from the ceiling. Doesn't matter. The whole thing makes me laugh and is a fond memory in the back of my mind and I don't know WHY I am talking about this now, in April with Christmas no where in sight.

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Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

How cute is that, such a sweet story,
I adore Winnie the Pooh as well!