Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Climb

there she is, down at the bottom! That is my dog, Dinner.

Nothing ever stays the same. And it shouldn't. Going through life with the same patterns, everything predictable just isn't really living. Coming into January I was flooded with a feeling of accomplishment, I've described it as feeling as though I completed a complicated level in a game. I entered, I faught, and finally I completed everything to be rewarded with a bonus level. Life was suddenly slippery, easy and safe. Everything packed away in little boxes. And now, I'm ready to move forward with the next level. As it has been my experience with most games, the beginning is often free of unexpected surprises (usually). They lay of the land is unknown and you just never really know what might be hiding behind the next corner; demon or treasure?

I guess I wasn't expecting to start playing again so quickly. I feel disoriented a little and a little under protected, like I need to upgrade my armor. My allies have changed and finding my rhythm is throwing me off the most right now. It's only a matter of time till I find my footing and get a decent grasp on my journey, I guess I just wasn't ready to jump back into my game so soon. I was enjoying the soft glow ambience. Life doesn't wait for anyone and I guess now that I see that it's time to get moving again, I have to pick my direction and just go.

This is silly, I'm writing this blog post from my phone. I don't really know if this makes any sense of if autocorrect has gotten the better of me. I should post it though, just to put it out there. Things are good, I'm just looking for my new role, my new direction and then, as it usually does, things will start to move like clock work.

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