Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confession: I Need to Blog in the Morning

I usually get to work at 7:45 AM, I open up my office, put my stuff down, turn the ringer off on my phone (cell phone, not my work phone), change my shoes (it's like being in school again, I have indoor and outdoor shoes- really one pair is just easier to walk in than the other), blow my nose (yup, as soon as I walk in to my office) and turn my computer on. By this point I check my emails, both work and personal and then I start to surf the Internet. At this point I would also turn on my radio which is always tuned to CBC 1 but my battery is dead and I just haven't remember to steal borrow some from my personal free for all the supply room. The ache to write usually hits me about now. I log into blogger loaded with stories, thoughts and feelings. I am always collecting things and filing them away in my head. Sometimes what I want to write it is already in my finger tips and I just have to place them on the keyboard and let everything just happen. Sometimes I've read or heard something interesting that I want to share or express my opinion on. Sometimes I have nothing that I actually want to share so I write about what my heart has to say or what it torturing my mind. Those ones usually don't get published, and if they do they are usually vague, cryptic and don't really make much sense to anyone other then to me. My post inbox is filled with drafts that never made it to being published. I sometimes go through and delete the ones written purely on emotion.

Regardless, I am usually writing by 8:15 AM, just in time for my Breakfast Buddy, E. to come and get me. So, I always get stopped part way and have to come back to my thought which isn't where it was 20 minutes before. But that's okay, I have my food and my steamed milk and I just keep going. I write, and if they are coming easy, I usually write until about 10AM. Like today, this is post #3.. I usually post date them if I write more then one but I haven't been doing that this week. Actually, that's not true. I did three on Monday and posted the one about My Bestfriends Happiness on Tuesday. Just to space them out... I felt like I was posting too many "moody" ones.

I don't really know how many people actually read this blog of mine and the fact that it filters through to Facebook about 48 hours after I've posted it on Blogger, I know even less about how many people actually read what I have to say. I write for me though, but keeping in mind that anyone could read it. Yes, it's a kind of therapy-journal thing but I have no control over who reads this, so I am careful. I try to keep it superficial as possible without completely starving myself of expression. I try to be sensitive to the people I write about who are directly in my life. Really, I just want to dump out everything in my head, heart and mind and play with it but I don't think many people would appreciate that. That's what my private blog is for, I guess.

So, usually by the time I finish my steamed milk I am also done blogging (I just slurped the last of the melted chocolate out of the bottom and tossed the cup away). I am trying to wrap this one up. It's just after 10AM and I am ready to start my work. This will probably reach Facebook by 4:30PM this afternoon. Sometimes, if the day is slow and I find something interesting in my daily adventures I'll post again before I leave for work but really, I'll be back tomorrow morning, just before 8AM, searching for words and loaded with inspiration.

Do you have a method to your madness when it comes to writing? Is it part of your day-to-day things or something done only on the weekend (I almost never blog on the weekend. It's an At Work Only thing pretty much)?


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Usually I wake up in the middle of the night (nature calls) and there I am, 3 a.m., sitting there thinking about next morning's post. I do all my big thinking in the middle of the night.

I am the same, usually post no later than 10 a.m. and spend the rest of my work day blog stalking. :) (like I'm doing now.)

amourissima said...

Ummm... ME TOO! I'm such a blog stalker!

Wow, in the middle of the night- I never do that. Unless, it's right before bed. I walk too and from work so often I'll think about stuff then too.

Blogs, aren't they wonderful!