Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confession: I Watched The Rockets

We're going to make it after all....

When I was little I used to love this show called The Rockets, it was a Canadian show... a really bad one all about singing and dancing. I use to watch it and just ache to be one of them. I was so inspired that I started my own singing and dancing group in elementary ( we were called "The Popcorn Girls"- true story). I would get everyone together at recess to practice Mini-Pop songs and dance the way I wanted everyone to dance. It was a mess, a glorious fantastic mess that I would put on display for the whole school at talent shows or the whole class every other week. I think back now and I can't believe my teachers would let me. It must have been painful to watch.

And this was only the singing and dance thing I had people do. I also wrote plays (my favorite was one called "What 'cha Cooking Mama" and "Dad Makes Toast") and reenacted Anne of Green Gables, Cats and Phantom of the Opera.

TV gave me lots of ideas as a kid. I remember watching an episode of Pippy Long Stockings where she used a hose to wash the floor in the house... so I did that. I knew it wasn't right (at least not in Canada, maybe in Trinidad and Tobago) but I did it anyway. Just as Pippy did, I put scrub brushes on my feet and skated around the kitchen and the bathroom upstairs ( I used buckets of water to dump ridicules amounts of water on the floor). It was nothing like on TV. I wasn't propelled by bubbles neither was the room filled with bubbles... I don't even think there were bubbled. Just this frothy foam on the ground- if that. Nothing gleamed and it took about 4 hours to finally dry everything out. How disappointing.

Do you remember the show The Rockets?
Did you ever start weird little groups and put on shows with your friends?
Did TV ever "inspire" you to do anything as a child?

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