Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Dining Hobbit Style

breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and (later in the evening) supper- a Hobbits life for me!

I often joke that I am part Hobbit. Mostly my size in comparison to others, what my feet look like and how I like to eat.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had double breakfast. I have first breakfast before 9AM and second breakfast comes before 11AM. It's just how I am and my body loves it. Then, when I went to Quebec in 2006, I started having first and second dinner. My partner at the time and I were so inspired by the food that we didn't want to waste our 10 days on just 10 dinners. So, we doubled up and literally almost busted at the seams and it was so worth it.

Since then, I don't do double dinner as often now unless I am on holidays. But I do double up on my early morning and afternoon snacks. I'm lucky to have a metabolism that reacts well to high quantities of food. My favorite is double dessert. Sometimes it ends up being triple dessert!

I'm also lucky right now to have a partner in my life who enjoys eating just as much as I do and meets me at my metabolic rate. It's common for the people I eat with on a regular bases to gain about 15-20 lbs which isn't always appreciated by them. On Saturday I had an amazing day with JP as we went for first breakfast right at 9AM, then explored the museum (before, having a snack of cookies with cheese and crackers), walk down 8th Ave and stop into a restaurant to have a glass of wine and pulled pork sandwich, make our way down to 17th ave (stopping for more cookies and cheese) to wander in and out of different shops and stopping at a bakery to buy some buttery flaky treats. This all on the way to farm to share a cheese and meat board. Delicious...

Not only does my schedule match up with that of a hobbits, so doesn't my preference for delights. Bread (actually ANY carb- mmmm), meat, potatoes, tea, and cheese always sit well on my tummy. As do sweets, wine (though a Hobbit does prefer ale) and butter. I have a special passion for french food though, which I don't think Hobbits really like that much.

Because I am working on trying to gain the weight back I lost over Christmas (I dropped 15 lbs which put me at a frightening proportion, in my eyes) this kind of eating is helpful but doesn't produce the quickest results for me.  I've just hovering under 90 lbs which my goal right now is just to get out of the 80's and back into the 90's. It's took me about 5 years to get past that mark but maybe, things will be different this time.

Yes-o, Yes-o, a hobbits life for me!

So, do you think you can eat like a hobbit?


Rolley said...

Absolutely! I'm 'that person' at work that everyone constantly says things to like:
"HOW do you eat so much"
"You're always eating!"
"You won't stay thing forever you know!" and so on haha.

I crumble like a frail old man if I miss my elevensies, which is actually more like 10:30-ish depending on what time I have first breakfast. My hunger runs like a clock!

Do you really have feet like a hobbit??? (hairy! Hahaa) :D

amourissima said...

Awesome, I hear all the same remarks "just you wait till you turn 21, 25, 30, etc" haha!

I have hairless hobbit feet! Yay, all the better to go on long adventures with I suppose :)