Friday, April 15, 2011


I woke up looking this good.

I want this hair. It's beautiful... I usually don't write about hair, fashion, make-up and all that fussy girly stuff. I like it, I read about it and all that wonderful stuff but to blog about it. It's just not my thing. There is so much really good stuff out there that to join the swarm would be diffcult. Plus, I like talking about other stuff too.

Anyway, back to hair. This hair, it's so sexy and soft looking. I want it. On my head. Now. There is a whole spread on Fashionising with hair I love. It's Bardot with a modern flair. Less spray, more hair. Touchable.

I think I need to get another set of hot rollers, I've been using them on my hair because I think they are better for it then my hotter-than-the-sun culring iron. But, due to the length of my hair, I find I could benefit from using more rollers.

I always ask girls how they do thier hair when I see this look and they often tell me that they just use thier curling iron without clipping the hair into it. Just wrapping the section around... I've tried this and I can't get anywhere with it. I think it's becasue my hair is naturally straight and fine so it just doesn't hold curl well. *sigh

Regardless, I want that hair.

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