Monday, April 4, 2011

Need Want Like

A few years ago I created a spreadsheet of what I required from a partner in a relationship- that's right. A spreadsheet. I just found it on my computer at work when I was cleaning up my documents.

It's interesting as I look at it, I can see the characteristics of the different male influences in my life. Both the positive and the negative and how they have influenced the idea of what I need from a partner. I even see influences from female friendships.

It was last saved in December of 2009 and as I look at it now, April 2011... not much has changed.

I might add a few things here and there and higher the value content on the a few things that I want in a partner but the core of my ideal partner is outlined here. I remember when I made it, I sent it to my good friend Spaceman Spiff. I asked him if I was being unreasonable in any of these things and he told me no. Too demanding? He said no. Looking at it now, I see why.

It has nothing to do with if these things are right or wrong, I just know that they are things that I personally know that I require so I can effortlessly be myself and be happy therefore having a fulfilling, meaningful relationship.

That is my goal? Correct?

I can deal with everything else as long as I follow these guidelines.

Do you have a list of what you Need, Want, and Like? Care to share some or even all?
What are your deal breakers?

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