Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swan Song of the Last Typewriter

My parents had this old typewriter that I used to play with in the basement. The "E" key would always get stuck and it was the loudest thing I've ever heard, but damn was it fun. There was something so satisfying about clicking away on those keys, hearing the "ding!" at the end of the line and pushing the planten back to the start only to return to the clicky-click-click of the keys again.

This may surprise some of you (and maybe even others might not even know what I am talking about) but,  it now seems that the typewriter’s days are officially numbered. Godrej & Boyce closed down the last manufacturing plant of typewriters in the world on Wednesday. In the world! The factory was based in Mumbai, India.

As you may have noticed, the device has been replaced by computers, printers, tablets and keyboards. I’m surprised the old guy lasted this long. Even until 2009, the factory still produced between 10,000 to 12,000 typewriters per year. The demand now? About 800.

RIP typewriter. Oh, he’ll still be around in movies and on the desks of hipster writers, but the world will have moved on. It’s sad, but it’s just evolution.

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