Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Feeling: cutting through a sheet of construction paper

whoaa oooa ooooaaa, listen to the music.

When you hear scissors cutting through a sheet of construction paper, you just know there’s some fun about to happen. The table is probably covered in glue sticks, felt tip markers, glitter, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. When you are the one making the sound you revel in the thickness of the paper and the satisfaction of how clean the cut your blunt edged children's scissors make. It's amazing.

A few years ago I was at a New Years party and the table was covered in every kind of nifty crafty thing possible. Our duty (as adults) was to make party hats for ourselves. I was in heaven with my Tab and vodka, a hockey game on the projector and colored paper and far as my eyes could see.

When I was younger there was a weekly children's hobby contest called Cappy Dick. You could  always find it in the colored comics of the Sunday paper. Every week there was a different assignment and I would enter religiously. I'm not sure if I was the only person who entered because I often won. There my name would be in small print "Blanche Milne" and sure enough in about 6-8 weeks I'd receive a yellow envelope with bubble wrap. The vessel of my prize.

Usually my prize was a pen with a pom-pom head on top or a small magic trick or some kind of small toy. One time though, I won my family a complete set of encyclopedias. That was the mother load.

It was never about the prize though, it was always about the creating. About making something from nothing and making it pretty. Making it mine. I remember the blisters I'd get on my fingers from working so hard. I remember the times I'd use too much glue and the paper would become a little soggy and stay wet for days. Yes, the sound of scissors cutting construction paper is the sound of important work about to happen. It’s the sound of creativity bubbling. It’s the sound of ideas blossoming. And it’s the sound of some decent fun on a rainy afternoon.

Best Feeling Ever!

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