Friday, May 13, 2011

Best Feeling: sitting in a kiddie pool as a kid

Was there anything better than being 10 and running around on a hot August day with no shoes, lush green grass under foot and mum filling up the kiddie pool with the garden hose in the back. I could spend hours in the pool just playing with buckets, rocks and toy cars. One time I had a pool that had a little spout on it, like a whale. I would take my umbrella and open it up and sit right under that shower of water. I also liked to wear my Jelly Shoes in the pool. Or rubber boots. I'd also take my tricycle and try and ride it in the pool with my umbrella and rubber boots. That was just weird but seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I'd rescue waterlogged bugs from the surface of the water however if a Daddy Long Legs happened to crawl in-- all bets were off. I wanted either my Dad to fish it out or a new batch of water.

Sometimes, in the morning my mum would use warm tap water to fill the tub. She's fill up the kitchen sink and siphon the water down to my little kiddie pool so it would be nice and warm. Almost like a bath.

Now, I don't sit in a kiddie pool- but I would. I might... I still jump through sprinklers if I see them (which is rare downtown) and if there is a place where I can stick my feet in the water... I will.

But nothing will ever come close to replacing those days during summer vacation where I would become a prune from sitting in hose water for 8 hours straight. Best Feeling Ever.

Elephant Bath

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