Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best Feeling: travel spam

let me show you the world...

Everyday I check my emails and hope that I see an email from Travel Alerts. It's my favorite email to get (a side from the notifications that I have a comment that needs to be moderated on my blog- those are pretty awesome). It wasn't until today that I realised that they come on Wednesday! When I see it I feel a little glee jump in my tummy and I open it first, look at the deals, images of exotic vacations dance through my head and calculations of how great those deals really are run through the spreadsheet in my mind.

Like this week, the list is shorter than usual BUT they have this awesome deal to Orlando. As soon as I hear Orlando I think HARRY POTTER LAND! And I dream a little.

Round Trip to Orlando for only $300! Hell YEAH!

Best Feeling in the WORLD- the Wizarding and Muggle World.

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