Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling Good

I was on some medication to help me sleep for the last 3 years and due to my concerns with the drug, I quit taking it last weekend. It was prescribed to me by a doctor at a sleep clinic but I think I'm done using it so why not try life without it for a while. I was only taking 0.25mg's each night and never once did I increase it but it was time.

Well, it's as though an iron curtain was lifted and I have unlimited amounts of energy. I'm just buzzing with good vibrations and even in some sleep deprived states, I'm still just feeling good. It hit me 6 days after I last took it and  I just keep feeling better.

My sleep is still a little inconsistent but I know in time I'll work it out. My sleep always works its self out. The best thing I can do is pick a time and go to bed and keep that up for 21 days and my body will be loving life.

This is just me sharing how good I feel. Yaaaay!

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