Thursday, May 5, 2011

File-> Print Heart

Sweet heart, Bitter Heart
now I can tell you apart
cozy and cold
put the horse before the cart

One of the topics that interests me the most in science right now is regenerative medicine. Basically taking a patients own cells and creating an organ out of that material for transplant. An ideal situation for any transplant patient.

From what I understand, anti-rejection medications are not fun. At all. Sure, you live longer with a fancy dancy new organ, which is great... but the side effects of these meds are difficult to live with, Fundamentally having a transplanted organ made from one's own cells removes the need for anti-rejection medication because the new organ is not made of foreign cells. The immune system will not attack it.

Here is a video that describes where we are today in the realm of regenerative medicine:
link to video

I really hope that this becomes a reality within the next couple of decades. Or at least before I need that new heart.

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