Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello, my name is Lum

On Saturday I played a new computer game with JP called Terraria. It all started because he got me hooked on this other game called Minecraft. Damn, if that man of mine doesn't know how to keep me seated and entertained for.. umm... 13 hours straight. That's right. He hacked into that part of my personality. The obsessive, addictive part of me.

Anyway, as we know from my playtime with Fate ,  I do enjoy a good computer game. Something that isn't too intense but enough that I remain challenged. Well... with Terraria there is a lot of simple stuff to do like mine and find stuff and all the little noises are satisfying. I get to be a girl (not a huge deal but I like to be able to pick my character) and so she's pale with dark hair and green eyes. Her name is Lum. I often use the name Lum in gaming situations because of a character in an old Japanese manga and animi series called Urusei Yatsura.

"Lum Invader (ラム・インベーダー, Ramu Inbēdā?) is a fictional character and the female protagonist from Rumiko Takahashi's manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura. She is often believed to be the main protagonist of the series due to her iconic status. However, Takahashi has stated that Ataru Moroboshi is the main character.[3] She is named Lamu in Animax's English-language dub of the series, and in the Italian anime dub as well. Her name comes from popular 1980s swimsuit model Agnes Lum, as well as Rumiko Takahashi's nickname of "Rum" or "Lum" (from the interchangeable sound of the R's and L's in Japanese).

Lum is considered a magical girlfriend, though significantly different from others such as Belldandy of Oh! My Goddess and Ai of Video Girl Ai. While the latter two are openly considered "ideal" women by the protagonists of their respective series, Ataru often indicates publicly that Lum is the opposite of ideal."

The personality she embodies is one that was a struggle at the time for Japanese women which is enduring. Trying to be independent but also maintain all that is expected of a traditional Japanese woman. I can relate to this, though not Japanese, I like the idea of being both my own independent person but also being a little old fashioned. Deep down I'm just a girly girl with horns, a little alien, often misunderstood but my intentions are in the right place. I have enough back bone to be able to look after myself and stand up for what I believe but I like the idea of a traditional house hold- within balance.

oh my goodness, it's almost lunch time. I'm craving pumpkin pie... Mmmmm...

[Exert borrowed from Wikipedia]

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