Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maui's Plan

Come swim with us

There is a trip to Maui in my near future- good thing because I've been researching places to stay in Maui like they are going out of style!

I have been talking to this one guy, Mark. He and his family own a jungle cabin on the northern side of the Island (near the famous The Road to Hana). This is a rustic little cabin in the middle of the jungle/rain forest that has a shower outside- OUTSIDE (I'm so excited about that shower... I plan to wear sandals though. I don't want spiders walking on my feet as I soap up!). Mark is the publisher of Maui Guidebook which is actually a pretty informative site. He's been emailing me lots of pointers about the Island which has been great. He's adaptable to the fact that I don't want to spend all my time at a resort sitting by some pool. I want to Zip Line and hike and snorkel and eat stuff!

The food I plan to sink my teeth into are:
Fresh Fruits (duh)
a pig roast
road side banana bread (it's supposed to be GOOD)
AND (wait for it...)
donuts on a STICK! Yummy!
all while drinking Mai Tai's and Pineapple Wine (and water- OF COURSE).

So far, I have booked the first place we plan to stay. It will be in Wailea...this is a touristy part of the island that is close to other touristy parts of the island. It will be nice to have sprawling beaches at the foot of our door and I can't turn down a fancy new boutique hotel with a stellar deal (show your birth certificate and get a deal- this is in fun of the Obama birth certificate thingy). We'll be there for a few nights.

Then we embark on the other side of the island for more of a natural homage to the island. This is where I plan to stay at the Cabin. I just can't decide if I want to spend 2 or 3 nights there. It's close enough to the airport that it's not that big of a deal.

These are the plans so far. I don't like the idea of moving around too much but I also don't want to be doing too much driving either. So splitting the island up is a good idea. I think.

It doesn't feel like enough time to do it all though. My main objective is to relax. I need it- big time. I haven't been on a relaxing vacation in years. The last vacation I went on prior to LA was to the BC Coast and there was a day in Tofino where I spent the afternoon cuddled into the couch reading news magazines and eating cookies- that was nice. But it's difficult to disengage from things if you are always the one planning things. It always nice to be a follower- so perhaps I'll get a little of that in Maui. Even if it's just am early morning walk along a vacant beach maybe even arm in arm with my man.

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