Monday, May 30, 2011

No Longer on Facebook

I stopped the import of this blog to Facebook today. Reason is because I just don't like everyone I know being able to read this and find me. I'm very selective about who my friends are on Facebook but I'm just done with censoring this. I've been able to track where most of my traffic comes from and none of it is coming from Facebook. Almost 99% of it is just people Googling stuff and stumbling across my blog.  So, I am free to go back to talking a little more personally.  Hardly any of the people who spend any time on this blog are even from Canada. Most of them are from Europe (no idea why).

So, maybe you won't notice that much of a change when you read the stuff I write but I will feel it. There will be less of a concern in the back of my mind of if I'm talking about something that might upset someone and more freedom to write more candidly.

And really, no one is going to care.

Oh yea..


Papagaio Mudo said...

good! leave the fakebook


Rolley said...

totally, i'm with ya there... i pissed the facebook slurping off ages ago cuz of the same reason, too many people on facebook who aren't really 'friends' and well, idunno.. Now the worst part, I wanted to delete the posts that facebook slurped, and its a bloody migrane, you have to delete them one by one!! no joke : ) pretty shitty hey : )
Hrm. lots of australian-talk in that comment. : ) tarah!

amourissima said...

Thanks guys! Heehee!!

Rolley, I need an Australian Talk dictionary.