Friday, May 13, 2011

Talk to me in letters

You know C/ Spaceman Spiff knows me well when he explain things like this:

"Between Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, I think you'd like Spirited Away more *if* you can get
past the love story part of it. Not that it's a stupid hollywood love story or anything, but it is there. Maybe more like the love story in Moulin Rouge, but less so. That's not a good description. I think you'd like Spirited Away more. Though Princess Mononoke is good too--it reminds me of The Last Samurai, but without the Scientologists.

Half way between Moulin Rouge and Ron and Hermione."

I totally get that. Understand it.

I love the email banter I have during work. I have a fantastic group of interesting and engaging people who I chit-chat with all day long (that sounds like bragging, it isn't.. I just adore the people who keep me entertained all day long). I love it. Makes work that much more fun! It's usually just banter about this and that or stuff we've found on the Internet or about sciencey stuff. Or Harry Potter. It's great.

I've always enjoyed writing. I've had many pen pals in my life, written on many blogs and always taken a very active role using my words. Again, I'm not saying I'm any good. I've improved a lot with spelling and grammar check but I'm not in anyway a good writer.. but it's a wonderful way to communicate.

When I use to pen pal everything was attended too. The types of stamps I used, what my writing looked like, the type of stationary I used and how I made my own envelopes. Those were fantastic days of letter exchange. I often wish I had been able to keep it up but life changes and we find that our demand for time changes as well.

Emails have filled that void as best as they can but there is something to be said about dragging a pen across paper and signing your name at end. I hear talk that handwriting is a dying art and I am sad to think that might even be the case. It's never obsolete. We'll always need to know how to write just as we'll always need to know how to walk.

Anyway, that's my ramble on.. It's almost home time and it's Friday. The weather's been nice and I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while (for obvious and not so obvious reasons).

Have a lovely Friday-Saturday-Sunday!

(it's funny to look at my writing samples and see the spelling errors. The cursive was so hard to concentrate on that I made some really basic errors that actually embarrass me- oh well! I am who I am, Love me!)

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Calvin said...

You'd never guess I was an engineer in real life.