Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Piercing Guns are Dangerous

Ms. Moss is bringin back the ear from the 90's

Here is an interesting article about the Dangers of Piercing Guns from one of the local shops in the city. It's something that never even dawned on me when I was in Jr High School getting all kinds of holes put through my ears (that is the extent of my body modification). Though I never had any issues, by the sounds of it I was lucky.
The Arthouse is a well respected tattoo and piercing shop in Calgary located right in Kensington. They just recently started a blog that is loaded with all kinds of information pertaining to the things they do. It's an excellent indication of just how professional they are by the amount of knowledge displayed on their site. It's so important to do the research and find a reputable shop to get things like this done. As body modification and tattoos become more popular the amount of unskilled "technicians" increases, I can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard from people who had a friend who did this or that for them out of their basement. It's not a haircut that you are getting, it's needles (eek) being poked into your skin. It's got to be done right.

That's my preach for the day!

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