Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot & Spicy Dance

On the way home from work today I walked past one if the dance
studios. I normally don't walk up that avenue, I choose a different
one, but I was meeting someone up the way. Walking past I saw this
couple feverishly pressing their way across the dance floor. Eyes
locked, body's touching- it was beautiful. The teacher saw me watching
and waved me in. So I went in. The instructor went in to tell me he
had seen me walking in the neighborhood & was impressed with my
movements. He wanted to see me dance. Long story short I ended up
registering for the next session. I don't have a partner but the
teacher told be not to worry, there would be plenty of men waiting to
lead me across the floor. I don't know, apparently they all know
something I don't.

Salsa dancing.
This summer.
Unexpected but I'm looking forward to it! My summers are apparently
made for dancing & apparently my hips are too. It's in my walk.

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