Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a Monster

Eat Me. I'm disgusting.

I stole a bag of Cheezies from the snack cupboard on the 26th floor. I never go up there for food but I was so hungry after lunch that I couldn't help it. Well, long story short- that was the most disgusting decision I made all day. I ate 2, gagged and then threw them away (story doesn't end there) then I picked the bag out of my garbage and ate some more, gagged again and threw them away and then picked the bag BACK out of the garbage, ate a few more.. shuddered and then threw it away again only to pick it back out a little while later and eat one more and toss it back in the garbage.

I took a picture and haven't gone back in to eat some more. Every time I throw them away I resolve (and believe myself) that I don't ever want to eat them again. But then something comes over me and all I can think about are those nasty little corn puffs with processed aged flavor coating every crusty cranny. Is this what crack addiction is like?



Calvin said...

You'll eat Cheezies (CHEEZIES?!!?) out of the garbage (OUT OF THE GARBAGE!!?!), but you won't eat the yummy tastiness that is sweet potato? With a little bit of butter and some salt and pepper?



amourissima said...

I hate Sweet Potato. YUCK!

Rolley said...

YOU'RE A MONSTER!! (in the voice of that little ginger bread man in shrek)