Monday, June 20, 2011

The Journey

Yesterday, I went on an adventure with Spaceman Spiff. We were exploring the bumpy (slight under exaggeration) trail which at one time was the only path to Banff, before planes, trains and automobiles were a part of our life. Half way through our exploring we came across a clearing made of screamers, charred trees and one lonely totem pole. I saw it right away and knew I had to get closer.

Standing about 10 feet tall, it was crude compared to the ones I have seen in other parts of Canada. It was worn and built out of necessity rather then beauty. I was so drawn to it... I can't really explain why. Perhaps it's because I don't really know why it's there. It's somewhat of a mystery to me. Something unknown and not understood. It was beautiful in it's solitude.

The Eagle totem has the following to teach us. Granted, this fits well for me given the turn my life has taken. Thank you life, I love you!
  • People with eagle medicine need their alone time. This gives them the opportunity to confront their fears and be honest with themselves. Eagle may be showing himself to you to remind you of the necessary time you need in solitude before you are able to take flight.

  • With your great vision you may also be looked upon as a mentor by others whether you actively seek this roll in a traditional sense or not be aware that others look up to you. You have great wisdom to share.

  • Opportunities are coming to you that will enable you to reach new heights. Be aware they are coming and have the courage to grab them.

  • Do you feel free to say what you want to say or do what you want to do or are you acting the way you feel others want you to? Release yourself from what others think and do what you need to for your growth and development.

  • Do you feel like you will never find a partner who understands or respects you or have you met somebody who seems unwilling to commit. Be aware that those with eagle medicine choose mates carefully but when they do its for life. If you give your best and value yourself expecting the best for yourself you will attract a mate who feels the same.

  • Eagle is a reminder of our connection to spirit. Have you forgotten yours? Spend some time in meditation and nature reconnecting to source.

Fits very well for me. Right now. Go Eagle!! Heehee...

I'm not sure if I am back to blogging, it all depends on the twists and turns my life takes. I want to make sure that I write with responsibility and that I am present with my life and not focusing all my energy on writing in here. Balance. That's what I am looking for.

Pictures taken by ME! Yay!!

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