Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Places I Find

Cocooning in Wine Country

I am always good at finding places I want to stay at. I throw my whole self into planning trips. I try not to over plan things to do but I like to have an idea of what the area I plan to adventure had to offer. And I love to find accommodations. If there was some way that I could do this as a job for other people, that would be awesome. I don't want to be a travel agent. I don't want to work retail hours. If I could write about places to stay, that would be better. If I could write off my adventures on my tax's that would be even better. A while ago I was talking with a good friend and he was working on creating apps for iPhones and other such handy devices. My mind just exploded with ideas and excitement at the idea of creating apps catering to a person like me. Tell me about the flora and the fauna, tell me where the best place is to eat, tell me where the best place is to stay, tell me about the beaches and activities, give me some facts, let me tell you the type of experience I want and I want the app to tell me how to do it. I would love love LOVE to create something like that. Can you imagine. That is up my alley more than chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon.

If there was a way to create this, on my own... not in the form of an app, that would be awesome I would enjoy doing it so much that... to be honest... I wouldn't even care if I got paid. It would be my hobby. I'd be a hobo with a blog and show the world their own adventure.

Anyway, I got side tracked. I'm in the process of planning another little get away. Something cheap and close to home. In my Internet journey's I found this place:

Coady's Cabana in Pentiction. It's a beautiful, romantic spot hosted by a lovely couple. It actually reminds me a lot of the little Jungle Hut I stayed in while in Maui. But not in the jungle and not really that rustic. There is something way better about staying in a place like that then a crappy, nasty, motel. Not only are the amenities a lot better but you also get delicious breakfasts, often 100% tax free stays (no 15% hotel tax boys and girls if the accommodation is new and hasn't generated over $30,000.00 in a year) and just an over all better experience. Crappy motels have their place but I can always find something better. Just ask me about the trip to Tofino I took a few years ago. I found an amazing place to stay in Revelstoke. PLUS you get to make all kinds of new friends! I have such a soft spot for every host I've ever encountered.

Plus, I just learnt that I am more extrovert than introvert (just by 1 point- I'm actually pretty well balanced between the two) which surprises me. I guess I do like meeting new people!

Coady's Cabana looks amazing, I'm really excited to find it! I've sent an email off the the hosts to chat them up a little and see what sort of terms they have. I'm always in my element when I am planning something so when I get back from this maybe I'll plan a big trip. Right now, I work so I can play. I like my job but I've totally out grown it. I mean, look at what I'm doing instead of spreadsheet?! I'm working on that though. I don't ever let things (for the most part) stay stagnant for long.

Anyway, this was just a babble post!

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