Friday, June 24, 2011

Two out of Three

true colors...

I finally have a working computer and a working server. The only thing that isn't working now is my email.. but two out of three ain't bad. I can do a little work down and a little slacking.

I went for an hour long coffee this morning (minus the coffee) and then I had a meeting.. then I opened some of my mail and then I chit chatted with everyone and ate some pie. Then I left early and  went shopping (haven't done THAT in like 6 months) and then I got lunch. Bourbon freaking Chicken. YUMMY. I'm all done. The whole thing and now I think I'm about to explode. So goooood. So good.

It's so nice to have my appetite back. I felt so sick when I was in Maui. Everything went on me. My tummy, my body, my spirit. It was a hard trip, thankfully Maui was a stunning island which pulled me in and held me gently when I was at my lowest. At the time I didn't think I wanted to go back but now I know I do. In time... I know how Maui would fit into my life.

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