Thursday, July 21, 2011

Folk Fest 2011: Begin

I'm beyond excited today. It's the first night of Folk Fest and I am so excited that I was late to work. I was late because I was dancing like an maniac when I should have been getting dressed. I cut my toe nails, exfoliated my heals, waxed my eyebrows, applied a little bronzer, bought new lipstick ( I haven't bought lipstick in 2 years.. I hardly wear the stuff), did some yoga, danced, baked, stocked my fridge and cupboards, cleaned and vacuumed, bought 2 different types of bug sprays and 4 different types of Sun screens. I bought a backpack cooler. I ever have an overnight guest on Saturday who gets to use my couch. I am ready and so excited.

Plus, not only am I excited about Folk Fest but Atlantis landed today and that was pretty cool too so I have double reason to be jumping off the walls.

I plan to dance, eat, laugh and have as much fun as possible. Then on Monday I get my hair done. I was supposed to get it done last night but my stylist's girlfriend was in town, he hasn't seen her for 3 whole days, so I changed my appointment. Who am I to stand in the way of love? It's just hair and it's not like it's going to make or break my life having it done.

Do's and Do Not's of Folk Fest

  • Bring sunscreen and avoid the public mocking that comes with looking like a boiled lobster.
  • Bring bug spray. The lush greenery of Prince's Island is a haven for mosquitoes.
  • Channel your inner child. Play. Nap. Leave worry and stress on the otherside of the gate
  • Bring rainwear. Remember, we're in Calgary. A sunny, 25 C day can quickly turn into ferocious, monsoon conditions.
  • Talk to strangers.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. In its commitment to be more environmentally responsible, the Calgary Folk Fest is no longer selling any bottled water on site. But water-filling stations will be available.
  • Check out the workshop stages and concerts by artists you may have never heard of. Who knows? You might discover your new favourite band.
  • Make a tarp marker, mine is a giant fish stuck in the stop of a torch with tassels hanging off of it. Every year we add something new to it.
Bring your own food and have a picnic.
  • Have a partner in crime. Fun is more fun when there are two + of you getting in trouble.
  • bring your boke, they have a space for you to park it and it's safe.
  • Log onto for schedule and artist info.
  • Spend all day in the beer garden. Yes, it's fun and they make a mean sangria, but it's not worth missing out on all the great performances around the island.
  • Bring camping chairs. If you can roll a basketball under it, it's too tall. Buy a festical chair or just chill on a tarp or blanket. Otherwise, you'll get told...
  • Bring your dog, cat, ferrit, money, pet... it's not allowed. Kids yes, pets no.
  • Dress like a skank. It's the Folk Fest, not the Stampede.
  • Act like a douchebag. It's the Folk Fest, not the Stampede.
(do's and don'ts borrowed from The Calgary Sun and my own experience)

and most importantly... HAVE FUN! See you there

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