Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food for the Mind

I said I wouldn't go back. But I think I lied. My brain has been hungry, so hungry. The schooling that I did at the U of C last year was enough to wet my chompers. Perhaps this next time, I won't stress myself out as much as I did.

I do not need to average 98%...

I'd like to take some kind of Political Science class, I like the idea of that. Even if it ends up being just a study of people's reactions in group situations. It's fascinating and all of it seems like a good thing to know.

Philosophy... everyone should at least learn a little critical thinking.

Psychology. I like people LOVE people. I will never be able to get away from people forever so the more I know about how to be with people, the better off I am. I am a "counselor" when I am not a "teacher" (Myers Briggs tests 101). Ahh... the joys of being an idealist.

I wrote an advisor an email to see if they can take this mumble jumble of learning wants and tell me what I need to do to achieve my goal. I'm noting wanting to take 4 years of school to obtain some kind of paper. I'm looking for further depth for my mind. I've learnt enough to get me by the last little while just from life and the things I encounter but there is more. I know there is. I look at my peers and I am starting to see the divide and I want more. The only person who can give me more is me. The best way I can see this happening is through school, so lets do this!

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