Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fred Savage not to be Confused with Dan Savage

I found this picture when I was reading stuff online:

Didn't your mother ever tell you to put some pants on when you play with your clarenett. Or is that an Obo AND why on gods green earth are you SMOKING?!
Confusing if you ask me.

That's Fred Savage. Yes, Fred Savage who played Kevin from The Wonder Years. I totally forgot (CONFESSION!)  that show even existed. I'm sad to admit  that because now that i have remembered, it was a DAMN good show!

All the stars of that show grew up and did something interesting with their life. They are not in rehab, they are not plastic surgery monsters and they are out of show business, for the most part. Just thinking about the opening credits bring shivers down and spine and misty tears to my eyes. Nostalgia.

I'm tempted to go home and download all 9 seasons tonight but really, I don't have time to watch it because once I get started on it I won't want to stop. None of you will but my roommate Steve and ex-boyfriend MS will both remember that Beverly Hills 90210 phase I went through.

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