Thursday, July 7, 2011

July, the Month of Long Weekends

girls like this are cute and everywhere this time of year. I'm just not one of them.

Tomorrow is parade day for the Calgary Stampede which means you can't get into or out of downtown for the morning. It also means that the whole city gets together and dresses like cow poke for 10 days while the rest of the time everyone wears regular clothing. I'm lucky, I live just outside the core so I can walk to everything but get out if I need to. Phefff! Being that the core of the city is closed down for a massive celebration of horses and cowboy like activities (plus the newly wed Royals are in town) it's going to be a gong show and I don't have to go to work. Instead, I am expected to go out, drink and be merry. Not so hard if you ask me though really, I'd rather be somewhere else. But I can make the best of any situation and enjoy it. Beef on a bun here I come!

I have tickets to a few events at the Stampede but what I'd really like to see is the rodeo. It's one of my favorite things, agreed... I have a difficult time watching the animals but the things like the Barrel Racing, the Chuck wagon Races and a few other events (not the grandstand but I LOVE fireworks!).

The part of Stampede that I haven't ever participated in is the full of partying. I've never stood in line at a bar, Never stood in like at Nashville North (a bar on the grounds filled with Sweaty drunk meat heads), never let a guy buy me a drink. This year might be a little different. Mind you, I don't like to stand in lines and I don't really see the Stampede as a good atmosphere to meet people but I might let the right boy buy me a drink. I also might just go on the rides to freak myself out, loose some money at the casino (I don't do that very often, the superstitious part of me won a bunch of money one time playing Black Jack and I swore to myself I'd never play again) and eat lots of lots of gross midway food. Oh and going to the First Nations Village is kind of creepy at dark, not sure why but things change over there. It's a known fact. So go before dark.

I'm going to dress as I usually do, respectable. I don't do the Cowgirl slut look. Other girls can and they can look totally cute but I'm too modest for that. I don't like that kind of attention, I really don't. I got over that in my early 20's. I personally could care less about attention anymore. I'm just all about having fun and if someone decides to step up and join in, awesome. Then we can all have fun together!

I'm just rambling on about Stampede here, just wasting my last half hour of work.

Happy Stampede Week, the shows about to get on the road!

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