Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living Without Coffee

I've gone my whole life without ever needing coffee. When I was in my late teens and early 20's I would sometimes drink it. The fancy sweetened ones like Pumpkin Spiced latte. I like the smell of it and the flavor, I don't mind a nice dark roast coffee, black. I like coffee ice cream and walking past coffee shops and being in the elevator with others who have fresh hot coffee in to-go mugs.

I just don't drink it. I don't like the caffeine. That's the same reason I stay clear of Dr. Pepper (which I love) and Pepsi. I also went through a diet coke drinking stage. I don't touch energy drinks. I don't need it. I have enough balled up energy vibrating inside me that when I get anything like that in my system when I haven't had a good sleep and a decent meal, I spin out of control and have a panic attack. True story. Oh and I can't do decaf either.

So with that being said, I don't do the coffee thing very often but I often day dream that I did. There is something about socially acceptable addictions that bring people together. We all like to belong to something and coffee is something that just about anyone can do..

I explored coffee a few years ago. Once. At a coffee shop near my house (deVille) that I fell in love with but it disappeared down the street. And now, as I toy with travel plans I think about when I go to Italy and how I must be ready to have coffee. I must. It's part of the experience and the romance. The good news is the darker the roast the less caffeine so I imagine that coffee in Italy might be a bit better for me. Otherwise, I'll be spinning like a top spouting out pigeon Italian I learned from my grandpa.

Much gets done in coffee shops and I want to be in on it.

It was a pleasant cafe, warm and clean and friendly, and I hung up my old water-proof on the coat rack to dry and put my worn and weathered felt hat on the rack above the bench and ordered a cafe au lait. The waiter brought it and I took out a notebook from the pocket of the coat and a pencil and started to write. ~ Ernest Hemingway

When I go for coffee I usually get a steamed milk. I have one of two of those a day, it makes my body so happy! Full fat. But I can tell, it's not the same. I often have to repeat my order to the person behind the counter, unless I've become a regular. Sometimes it's just easier to order an herbal tea. I never have to repeat and send back a peppermint tea.

The atmosphere in many coffee shops is therapeutic. There is one near me that has these huge windows and they open them out so that people on the street are walking right by you. You feel the traffic.  You feel in the middle of things and I find it all very calming. I like to be a part of that. But I really am not. I'm a poser with my hot milk or herbal tea. I don't need to be there, I don't need my liquid whatever in the morning. I'm there because I like to be and it's just not the same and all the coffee people know that because my hands are too steady.

and that is my thoughts on coffee.


Rolley said...

Ah coffee, I love it. However, I too hate caffeine! At one point I was having way too much coffee, and I noticed all sorts of nasties, like a way higher resting heart rate, and horrible headaches at the end of the weekend if I didn't drink any coffee. I never felt at any point that I 'needed' a coffee, and I've never even felt any buzz from caffeine, but after noticing the side effects I stopped drinking coffee for a couple of months altogether.

Now I just have decaf mostly, with the occasional real-deal. You might be surprised, nay, you WOULD be surprised at the quality of 'some' decaf brews; some are so good you can only tell if you've got a discerning palette! The key thing is just get it fresh and make sure who's making it nows how to make a decent brew, and you're set!

Ever gotten in to cocoa though? If not you're missing out, its as beautiful and magical as coffee. Its like art for your mouth.. so velvety and wonderful, and healthy too.. there's some amazing cocoas, and often I make it with steamed milk instead of coffee and add some top quality honey.. mmmmmm!

:D COFFEE!!!! : D hehe.. COCOA!!! hhmmmm ahhh now I'm dreaming of a cocoa/coffee wonderland, can you imagine the aroma!!!? : O

amourissima said...

Rolley, to be honest I have not gotten into cocoa. That's just like hot chocolate/coco isn't it?

Tell me more!

Rolley said...

yeah it is! its um, nothing like cheap hot chocolate and mocha drinks from cafe's though (where they often use crap cocoa or even worse: chocolate flavouring!!!).

And its not exactly even like a box/tin of hot chocolate from the supermarket.. because they usually have a lot of sugar (sometimes 50%!!!!), milk powder, and ten other totally unnecessary ingredients added!

So, to get the real deal, get some 100% dutched cocoa from a chocolate maker or buy it online... that way you can make it how you like it, nice and strong, with a bit of honey or dark brown sugar!? Hot with steamed milk? Or melted in a tiny bit of hot water then topped up with ice and cold milk ..mmmmm. It's sooo chocolately, velvity and beautiful!

and ya know what else! Its really healthy! Heaps of antioxidants (more than green tea even) and other goodies that our bodies like.

you have to try the good stuff! annnnd let me know what you think! gotta be good stuff though : ) 100%, dutched cocoa, or natural cocoa .. i only buy dutched though cuz I was totally in love with it after trying it once. Its processed differently to change the PH to make it less acidic. : )

mmmm yay

amourissima said...

This is actually a little like what I drink every morning. I have a steamed milk and a tsp of dark chocolate shavings (the real deal). I have them put a shot of French Vanilla Bean falvor just to add some sweetness and then some chocolate.

It's tasty and I wouldn't have it any other way. Mmmmm...

thanks Rolley, for the info! I think I might get a little deeper into it now that I see there is a bit of a thing here. Mmmm..