Monday, July 4, 2011


I climbed a mountain on Saturday with my friend Calvin. I really enjoyed the hike & was reminded just how much I think I would enjoy wall climbing. My brother Tom was really into it, now he's into running and kids. One time we all went to Stronghold and spent a day climbing walls. Last year I climbed a wall at Folk Festival, that was fun.

I'm writing this post from my phone so I need to update my summer bucket list but at least I can cross this one off!


Rolley said...

WOAH that is awesome! Making me feel very inadequate, I have no mountains anywhere NEAR THAT HIGH where I live.. later this year we're going to drive around 1800kms each way to visit the highest mountain in Australia, and its only 2000 or so metres high! hehe. Ahh your post also makes me feel ULTRA UNFIT, I lost my exercising motivation and haven't been to the gym for aaaaaaaages, how shocking of me! tisk tisk.

amourissima said...

Oh Rolley, as long as you are running after children you are fit. You don't need the gym!

And you don't need high mountain's when you have such lovely weather all year round :)