Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Android vs. iPhone

Thanks to our friends at Hunch, we now know that Android users are 10% more likely to be men. We know that iOS users are 50% more likely to have been on the Internet before 1992. We know who is more likely to prefer General Tso’s Chicken over Pad Thai. It may not be the most important demographic data, but it’s definitely interesting.

I'm an iPhone user and looking at all my friends, most of the girls that I know have iPhones. The ones that don't have Blackberries. All the boys that I know have Androids expect one guy who has a Blackberry but that's just because work pays for his phone.

I am between 18-34
I'm not rich or an american express card holder
I like to save my money so I can spend it.
I didn't use the internet until I 1996
I don't back up my computer (but I should)
and I was a life time Mac user until I got my own computer. A PC
I let telemarkerts finish thier speal
I just learnt how to text and driver yesterday (won't be making a habit of that)
I have digital sounds and beeps as alerts. I don't like musical ringtones for myself.
I would rather watch Planet Earth
I like all the movies on both sides
I love the book 1984
I eat Rice Crispies and Crispx
I would rather snack on yogurt and ginger snaps
I would rather eat Pad Thai and Tapas
I like pineapple, strawberry and raspberry
I LOVE salted caramel. Mmmmm and Lemon. And Mint Chocolate Chip.
I prefer Malbec
I like art deco and art nevou
I prefer dance, opera and classical play

What are you?

Article from Hutch

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