Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blind Love

My best friends, brothers wife or should I say my first ever boyfriends wife or should I say my last boyfriends, brothers ex-girlfriend (!!) has decided to set me up on a blind date.

for real.

I have a blind date, I don't know anything about him. He's nice, he may have been in the military, he knows JB and she can vouch for his character. She's been very honest about a lot of things recently so I trust her opinion a lot.

I'm seeing other boys, in a nice way. I have not resorted back to the ways from my mid 20's and I'm proud of me. I'm taking my time, listening to my gut and just being a lady about it. I feel way better. This is exciting to me and I forgot that I actually like dating. I like meeting new people. I like the quest of looking for someone who matches me and I match them. Someone who has the same grounded ideas about love. I realise now that I'm not the one that needs to compromise my standards, that there is someone who is what I'm looking for. I know that I can but I don't need to.

RH was right, she said when I was ready I would just start attracting opportunities. People are coming out of the wood work. I'm okay being single but in the end, I want to share my life with friends and a lover. To me, that is fulfilment. Someone who I can have my life and be with. Someone who doesn't give up their life to be with me either. Balance, that is what I need. I don't need to be a single girl with a boyfriend on the weekend and I don't need to be a girlfriend who can only be with her boyfriend. I am happier when I both myself and my partner are autonomous yet still emotionally intimate. No crazy infatuation 'love'.

I am in such a healthy place. I should have taken this break months ago but I didn't. And maybe if I had not I may not have been able to reach the place that I am now in my life and that would have been a shame becasue I like  LOVE where I am. I love everyone and most importantly I really love me.

Enough fluffy chat about love, I have a blind date this Friday. I have no idea who he is, what he looks like or what we are going to do. JB is playing match maker so we will see. I trust her and most importantly I really trust me.

Tell me, have you ever been out on a blind date before?

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