Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dark Mark-et

This doesn't have anything to do with Harry Potter or with a Dark Market. It's actually a dark pool. Goldman Sachs announced it will bring its “dark pool” stock market system SIGMA X to Canada, allowing investors to anonymously buy and sell stocks on the TSX. Stop the press, who is that? Vicki Vale! The Dark Knight? No, it’s only the Dark Pool, but fingers crossed Christian Bale will somehow be involved. Actually no, he's kind of a creep. Actually, he might be perfect for the job because this doesn't sit 100% with me. My investments are pretty solid and since they are long term I am not overly concerned with a volatile market but the idea of anonymity. That concerns me. But then the unknown is concerning.

I've been reading too much Yahoo news today. I should stop that.

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