Friday, August 19, 2011

Food from England

My parents are home today, I dropped the car back off at their house tonight. I had asked for my parents to bring back sweets and such from England (the land of sweets!) and they sure did!

I got a giant bag of Monster Munch, I can't believe it. It's disgusting but actually really tasty. I love the Roast Beef Flavor. I know, how wrong is that statement? Mmmm...

I also got Battenburg Cake-- one of my all time favorites. Mmmm...

I also told my mum to surprise me with sweets and they picked me up some gummy stuff from the airport. Tasty tasty stuff. As well ( I know, I feel so spoilt! Totally made my day!), I got some note cards and envelopes (I love sending thank-you cards when I receive gifts and such) and this super soft, fuzzy zip up. I am beyond delighted!!

Nice way to tie up the day if I do say so myself.

I also talked to my Dad about my pending business. My game plan is in the right place so it sounds like once I am confident that my cookies are ready, I can get started. Exciting!

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