Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There is a lot of stuff going on right now. I seem to be working on everything. I'm still applying for jobs, I just sent another resume yesterday. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for things to come through, at least for the stuff I've been recently applying for. There is a system that I can check online to see the status. I applied for a position as a buyer with The City of Calgary. I know I have what it takes to do it.

After I got home from Monday night Pub Night I baked cookies again. I am working on my recpeies still. I did a dark chocolate chunk (ew HATE that word) cookie. It is so delicate it melts in your mouth before it even touches your lips. I am beyond impressed with myself. I have a good quality product. I just need to find the right chocolate. I chopped up a good qauity bar of chocolate last night, I think the neighbours must have thought I was doing demolition in my condo. Next cookie I am trying is a fresh ginger cookie. Chewy and dense. No tea needed for this cookie. All of these are cookies my mum can eat, she has an allergy to dairy and they also don't have trans fats (I am not using shortening).

I'm still working on my guitar, I know someone who is in a well known Calgary band who has offered to help me get past my beginner level. The best motivation for keeping the guitar practice going is not wanting to rebuild my callouses. I restrung everything with the help of CW and I'm good to go with some decent sounding guitars. I've been learning Ray LaMontange songs because they are so beautiful and soulful. I see him tonight in concert, SO EXCITED!

Driving has been going well. I'm excited to get my car.

I hit 100 lbs over the weekend. 100 lbs. I have never been heavier than 98 lbs in my life. I have never been this healthy and curvy. I am proud of me. It's a symbol for how good I'm doing. I look in the mirror and love everything about my body. I was so frail and skinny at the start of the year. That was so sad. I put in so much work and I overcame everything. I feel so strong, vivacious and alive. I don't know if anyone really knows just how hard I worked to get where I am now. It doesn't matter though, I know and I am moved to happy tears with pride for myself.
I'm working quietly on planning my next trip. I can't decide if I want to go at it alone or bring someone along for the ride. All I know is there will be adventure to be had. Great, wonderful adventure.

School starts in September as does my training/yoga/gym stuff. I need to go to the university to pick-up my books. I also like to find where my classroom is this time. It's not in the science buildings. I really not to take some social science programs but they are all during the day. It turns out another friends of mine wants to take similar classes but he can only find ones during the day as well. He works just like me so he can't go but he mentioned Athabasca University which has a wonderful correspondence program. I might follow along those tracks.

Mixed in with all these is a satisfying social life, there have been changes, some of the people I used to be really close too are no longer as close. I am better adjusted to it now. It took me some time though. It went from someone who I spent almost every day with to someone who I only talk to once or twice a month. Just blam. Done. The partner had issues with me for a while, jealousy and that put a strain on everything. Things are better but it's kind of left me a little sad. I have established stronger relationships with other friends and made lots of new ones as well.

There are some interesting people in my life right now. I still look at my life like it is a computer game or something different levels and challanges to overcome so I can move on to something bigger and better. Each of these new people have a different feel to them. Some feel like the past, some feel like the present and others feel like the future. It's interesting to me.

Anyway, I am not sure why I wanted to share where my life was. I think I am just proud and happy. I am not meaning to sound braggy, I just want to stard forth and share.

What has your summer been like? Have you been able to move forward with tasks you've wanted to accomplish or were you able to take a nice, relaxing break from it all?


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