Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dreams About You

Sunday night I had a dream about you. Clear as day. I was going about my usual dream like adventure when all the sudden my dream self remembered I had a dream meeting with you. So, I went to meet you. It was at a place like Bowness Park but in the middle of the bald prairies. You were wearing a toque and you seemed shorter then you are in real life. Just a touch. In my dream, I knew this wasn't really you. I knew it was just a dream.

There was a place to order food from and of course we did. I'm not sure what was ordered but I had to stand on a bench to give the woman my money. I fished through my purse for change because what I was getting came to $3 and change. All I had were dimes and nickles in my purse, I heard you on my left side say "I have a pumpkin-" as you handed me a dollar coin (I suppose because it's kind of orange. My head works in intriguing ways) and then when I glanced in my purse all I had were $1 and $2 coins.

I thanked you and paid.

Then we were waiting. I could tell that you were being careful with me. Careful of assumed boundaries. We hugged for the first time in months, I remembered what it felt like to touch your skin.

Then as quick as that moment happened we were now at a park. You were on a tire swing and I said to you "would you rather go fast or high?"... I don't remember what you said but all of the sudden we were both on the tire swing together and then the swing kicked you off. You went flying far away and landed softly on the group. You didn't need help so I collected the items that fell out of your pocket. They were filled with love letters from another girl. Her name was Jue (that isn't even a real name) and they were things like folded up post it notes and band aides that she had signed-- almost as if you were wearing a cast (gross in real life but in my dream they were fine). I don't remember what they said but it was apparent that they came from a place of caring.

Of course, I was sad. When someone who you care about moves on without you, it stings a little. Regardless of circumstances or how well adjusted you are. I gathered them up for you, putting them in a pile... and then I woke up.

No weird feelings. It just reminded me of you. It reminded my heart of the sweet little song she used to sing for you. It was a pretty little melody.

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