Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vinyl Cafe Christmas

Let me tell you a story...

Stuart McLean presale started today. I got my usual 2nd row, center tickets. 1st row is too close for everyone. This is such a special tradition for me. I am so excited. The last two years we've seen Matt Andersen as a musical guest, he's amazing but to be honest. I'm a little tired of him. I want to see someone else. He was at Folk Fest this year and I didn't see him once. It was time for the rest of the world to discover him, I was off to discover other things. This year, we have Hawksley Workman, a musical talent I never would have chosen on my own to see. He's good, talented and the producers at the CBC do such a brilliant job showcasing wonder Canadian acts. I always comes away from it with a new artist or two under my belt and a deeper love for the ones I already enjoy.

There is something magical about the Stuart McLean Christmas Concert. It has been a family tradition since the year he started doing the series. To me, Stuart symbolises everything that Christmas is and should be. Warmth, family, kindness and gratitude. The stories he spins refreshes my image of the family I plan to have when I marry. The relationship I will fall into with the man I love. I wouldn't miss this night for the world. Last year, when I was so sick, shaking and clutching on to my mothers hands, it was Stuart that took me out of my head. The year before that, a blizzardy wintry day that I was sent home early from work because it was so bad out. We made it up to see Stuart and he walked around and greeted all his fans. He gave me the best hug of the year. The year before that, I was moved by the sweet, harmonizing voices of Dala and the lead singer from Salt and Poe Girl. Happy to be sitting along side my family and my best friend.

I couldn't think of a better way to start my Christmas off right. A Christmas Tradition that I will never give up till the day that I (or Stuart) dies.

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